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Tuesday's not so bad either - 1.8.13 (Read 307 times)

    ...Best Wishes to tselbs in his Career as a Cattle Rustler........

    ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

      ...Best Wishes to tselbs in his Career as a Cattle Rustler........


      Big grin  Gosh, I wish you people ran with cameras in your pockets!!

      janie b good

        ventured outside today... sunny, 40*... 2.37 miles.  wanted to do more, but so tired.  lugged around a steam cleaning machine all day yesterday-- apparently, the beast did me in.  and i'm way super thirsty today for some reason.

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          Interesting story about the cows, TomS!  I've got you beat - yesterday I did a trail run near Jimena de la Frontera, Spain, and I saw a bull (el toro!) on the trail...   glad I wasn't wearing red!   I went around through the woods, and he didn't bother me.

          I'm usually envious of Jay's runs along the ocean - today I ran along the beach in Tarifa, Spain, along the Mediterranean, and watched the sun set, with views across the straights of Gibraltar toward northern Africa.  We're taking a ferry over to Tangier Morocco tomorrow morning, for a week of traveling over there.  We're very excited! 

          Not much time to catch up but I'll post some pictures here from our trip once we get home.  I'm also posting pics over at facebook which some of you have seen.

          I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

            {{{{{Baboon's knee}}}}}


            Funny cow story, tselbs!


            Started the morning with the regular spin class, then over 3 minutes of planks.  I'm one of the lucky few who has a gym at work, complete with TMs, ellipticals, spin bikes and all sorts of weight equipment.  The first thing someone said to me when I walked in was that there was no hot water...... and of course the gym was full with the post-holiday must-get-this-weight-off crowd, that included several in my department.  It was promising to be a bit rank in the cube farm today.  Apparently, one of the cafeteria staff had left a valve open and it drained the hot water system.  Thankfully, by the time I was finished, we had hot water again, but the early-birds got a rude awakening.  Only wish the company president was in the gym this morning...... he's one of the most consistent early regulars and if he'd been there you'd be sure nobody be making that mistake again!   Undecided


            Warmer temps are forecast for later in the week and we'll likely lose the little snow we've got.  Looks like the skiing is over for now.

            .....Nancy The road to hell is paved....... run trails!

              I'm really enjoying the photos you are posting Carolyn. I've been to a few of the places you are at, so some of it is familiar, but that was over 20 yrs ago, so much is also forgotten until I see the pics.


              5 miles in 47 min RAL


                I think I'm going to take some days off. My left leg is just not right. I had to go upstairs last night at work,so just by habit I ran up the 40 or so stairs. My left calf and knee were pulsating,hmmm...

                It's just a hair too intense to run through.

                Hope the knee turns out OK baboon. Make my issue seem very minor.

                  Like others I took advantage of the blowout last night to call it a night at half time!  Disappointing loss by the Irish no doubt, but clearly overmatched in that game.


                  8 Miles - 1:03:40 (7:58 Avg) plus planks @ 90 Seconds.


                  Tonight, Thursday night, Saturday and Sunday I have EMT Recertification Classes....UGH!!!

                    5 easy miles for me this morning...39 shorts....not as manly as Tramps to wear shorts when it's 27...

                    Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

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                      Hello everybody!


                      Tom--that was hilarious!


                      Yep--I'm lovin' the pictures too, wild!  It looks like you're having a great time.


                      I ran outside for the first time since I've been back from Florida--it was nice.  I did 10.2 in 1:17:50.  It started out to be a nice easy run but, with just over 4 miles to go, my Garmin vibrated and told me it was low on battery.  I kicked in gear and got home with 3% left....whew!


                      Okay--gotta go take a shower and eat.  See ya!

                        Here's hoping to Feb 23 as well.


                        Stumpy, if ya got a house, ya got a project. DW wants an addition and what we have now is keeping me pretty busy. With kids mostly moved out (DS is back now), why do we need more room?..She must have married me for my looks.


                        Holy Cow! Maybe you should have tipped one of them Tom.


                        Nice kick, MikeE.


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                          tom - don`t try that technique if you ever run with the brown bears up in rhoonland. yikes.


                          It might have been a dream, or maybe I`ve been over here too long, but I awoke this morning to little voices chanting, “run, run, run” and visions of barefoot goddesses in running attire so not only went out and ran the up-and-back pedestrian path along the Dojima River but did the down-and-back part too thereby making the four Dojima runs  (3/3/3/6miles) since arriving over here on New Year`s Eve not only exceeding the total number of training runs since February 2009 (3) but also a mileage PR of 15mi over the 12 miles run since 2009 too (all of those were in July 2012 in preparation for the Light-at-the-ehd-of-the-tunnel Marathon). I`m not training for anything now though so may need to check with the local ultragoddesses about what to do with all this excessive training.  Unfortunately, Francesca doesn`t count anything unless it`s over 100 miles and Dove just spent three days running across Texas or somewhere.  Yikes.

                          Henry the Great: "I'm going to keep running as long as I can."  Me too, I hope.

                          T. Igarashi (summiting Mt. Fuji at age 100): "Enjoy yourself. Your younger days never come again."


                            Tet, I feel your pain...The goddesses run too fast and too far for us now...

                            Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip
                              Moooo! : ] too funny! I waved a cow out of my way once (it was blocking the trail!), but never have I rustled cows... 3 gentle miles for me -- or did I already report in?