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Friday's daily, 7.19.13 (Read 38 times)


    Mornin' everyone.


    It was a little cooler (71) and a little drier (69 dew point) this morning, despite some rain early last night. The lower temp and dew point, even if only a few degrees off yesterday morning, really made a difference. I could have used a breeze, but I guess that wasn't on the menu for this morning. 5.4 racewalking miles at 4:15. I decided to do mile farleks, and picked up the pace in miles 2 and 4, and for the last .4. My pace was respectable, but it was hard work, and my legs felt a bit rubbery at the end.


    We're heading to Castine, ME early tomorrow for what we believe to be a well-deserved vacation. All I have to do to get ready is make a run from the office to our recycling station to drop off a load of cardboard, mow the lawn, wash the car, clean up the back yard, help DW oil our new deck, clean the house, go out to dinner with a friend/traveling companion, and, oh yeah, pack my clothes, etc, pack the car, get some sleep, go for a workout tomorrow morning, and stop at our favorite dive for breakfast and at the farmer's market on the way out of town. Any bets on whether or not I'll get it all done in the next 24 hours?


    Have a greta Friday, and good luck to evanflein and pfriese and Francesca in their races this weekend, and to CNY as race crew!



    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      Hey, thanks for starting the day Jay.  I was just about to type something up.


      Today is actually the hottest morning of the week so far.  Already 80° when I woke up.  I was going to run a mile to the gym and workout, but I got 2 minutes from home and realized that I had some software changes installed overnight that I needed to check on.  (Make sure it got to the right place and was working.)  I didn't  want to come back from the gym to hundreds of people unable to process claims because I screwed up the install.


      By the time that was done, the sun was up and I didn't feel like running, so I rode my bike over to the gym and worked out.


      Storms later today and cooler weather tomorrow, but we're packing up and heading to Knoxville to visit friends.  And as long as we're down there, we'll go ahead and drive to Tallahassee and spend a couple days with my daughter and the kid.  (So another week of heat for us since it's always hot in July down there.)


      I found out that it is pretty boring to just pretend to work so I went ahead and just kept on working the last couple days.  Not too sure about today yet. Roll eyes  Everything I finished is installed and running.  Why rock the boat by doing more?

      Humanity runs on coffee.

      Trails are hard!

        Morning Jay, Dave, and all that follow.


        No wonder you need a vacation, Jay.  I'm worn out from reading the to-do list.


        Dave, enjoy the fruits of your labors and have a great trip down south.


        At the risk of being as repetitive as the weather--3.1 drippy miles again this morning.  As jay noted, it was a LITTLE cooler this morning, but I did manage a somewhat quicker pace than yesterday (it's all relative)


        C-R  sounds like a fun meet.  Sounds like you'll have to worry about DS passing you shortly.  But a 23:00 5K gets you a DFL?  Sure were fast!

        Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


        King of PhotoShop

          Because I have two clubmates doing the VT 100 this weekend, I too am interested in this race.  Good luck to all.  CNY, look out for Chris Barnwell and Troy Pruett and if you see them, tell them you once ran at Grapevine with Ribs.  That will light them up.


          (I imagine in a 100 mile race just about anything you say to someone that is interesting or different is encouraging.)


          I ran great today despite the heat and still tired legs from the race and my trip.  Hydration was definitely the answer.


          My sister is coming to town for an overnight on her way to the northeast to stay with family there.  This is Joe's widow. We can't wait to see her and are taking her to dinner tonight. Have a great weekend everyone.  Spareribs

            Jay, your to-do list looks like the one I have on my fridge right now. Taper and post marathon week is always a good time  for me to work on the "procrastination list" Big grin


            No running yet. Since I have no races on my near future (think here until next spring) I might as well rest up well before I hit the road again.


            I really, really enjoyed the new rendition of this old favorite music of mine.



            "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

              Resting is good Maraposai----hugs to you!


              Ribs, will your friends be wearing Grapevine RAW gear? I'll do my best to look for them and also for Francesca. It's 100 degrees here now and not much cooler in Windsor VT where the VT 100 is held. It's supposed to break  somewhat tonight and only be in the 80s tomorrow. I'll need mittens!


              Ran to CrossFit and back for 6.8 running miles and the CF workout was all about pull-ups today and then the weights were: tricep extensions, barbell presses, toes to bar swings, goblet squats with a kettle bell---that's leg stuff, split jerks with as heavy weight as possible without losing form. Yee Haw! Did all this at 5:30 am---7:00 am, so not too bad out.


              Happy travels Dave and also reunion with the kiddo.


              Well deserved vacation indeed Jay! Have fun!

              Marathon Maniac #957

                C-R - are both of your twins runners?  Nice running in the heat, btw.


                Jay - I'm tired just looking at your list.  Good luck.....


                Mariposai - enjoy resting and puttering.


                DD has one more softball tournament this weekend, and the first game is scheduled tonight at 5:30, so she will go with DH, and DS will take his father's place on our couple's golf league.  I usually walk the course, but with the temps in the mid-90's and very humid, I may spring for a cart.


                2.25 miles for me this morning, followed by 30-40 minutes of weights and core.

                Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."


                  Nice to do list Jay. Good luck


                  Yeah Stumpy. He'll be dropping me like 3rd period French in a due course. That was a fast field. I talked to the guy who set the new meet record and he's expecting to drop it another notch next week. Something about running in the 15's. One thing I did notice were some of the kids with great form. One young man actually looked like he was gliding on the way to dusting the field in the 200.


                  Ribs that sounds nice. I know how much Joe meant to you guys. Very nice.


                  Have fun CNY - hope the temps break.


                  So it was hot at lunch for my 5+ miler. 95 plus humidity. I had a flashback to Boston from a couple of years past. Yuck but got it done.


                  Have a great weekend and good luck racers.


                  MTA - Only one seems really interested in running although the other one will be doing XC this fall. He likes wrestling more. Can't complain about that. Both sports wear them out and teach some great lessons about work ethics and sportsmanship.

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                    Holly - Is there still construction on I-75 around Dayton?  Seems like it has been going on there for 20 years.  I always dread that area of my trips south.


                    (Of course, Michigan will be filled with construction too, but it is always in a different place.)


                    Nevermind, don't tell me.  Let me be surprised.

                    Humanity runs on coffee.


                      I'm making progress: Cardboard recycled; lawn mowed; car washed; back yard cleaned up (somewhat...); deck oiled (when it was close to 100F out, of course); and the house is clean enough. Now I need another shower, and then I can pack. Our traveling companion is stuck in summer Friday traffic (despite the fact that he left early), but should be here in time for dinner. I'm hoping he'll buy me one of Henrun's favorite martinis!


                      Here's a section of the deck that was (thankfully) in some shade:



                      Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

                      MM #5616

                        Beautiful deck, Jay!  We really should re-do ours, too, one of these years.  Have a wonderful vacation!


                        Dave, I hope you have a good trip too!


                        Nice racing for C-R and your DS.  You're both pretty speedy!


                        We only hit a high of 65 today, which was wonderful!  I did a 7 mile trail run in Golden Gate Canyon State Park.


                        Mike, what happened on the flight home?  You said to remind you to tell us!   I know nothing exciting happened on the flight from Seattle to Denver, so it must have been on the flight from Denver to Minneapolis.  Did you see Ms. Woman Leader and her DH?  They said they were from Minnesota.

                        I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

                          I cannot even begin to imagine what it must be like to train for and run a 100 mile race!  Then again I could have once said that about a full marathon too!


                          No run for me today.  Just the elliptical and party preparation.  Tomorrow my friend and I are throwing out annual big barbecue.  That means a lot of cooking today.  Then there is this race tomorrow at 8am.  I may have to bail on it to get everything done that I need to get done.  We will see.  The race starts at 8am I my first choice is to be done running by 7:30 at the latest and then get started on the rest of the cooking by 8am.  On the other hand, I made bourbon mashed sweet potatoes and then drank quite a bit of the bourbon I used.  So, getting up early may prove to be a bit of a challenge!  Well there are worse penalties for imbibing the stuff!

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