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Tue Feb 26 Runs and Workouts (Read 589 times)

    Great run enkie. Don't worry the sub 8 will come. 7 miles tonight in perfect, dream like conditions. Off to yoga now, this old body sure need some stretching.

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      6.3 miles in 56:50 @ 9:01 ave pace ... 3 mi @ ~MP of 8:28 - first bit of 'speed work' ( if I can call it that ) in a while. HR @ 152 tells me I was working pretty hard and that it will take me a while to get back to where I was. My youngest son turned 25 today. Oddly, I don't think of him as being that old! Mariposai - you just reminded me that I bought my wife and I "introductory" 1-week passes for yoga for Christmas. Now's probably a great time to use them (I also need the stretching). I have no idea how many sessions I can/should attend in a week, but I definitely want to get my monies worth. I'm thinking "hot" yoga sounds pretty good, probably because it's been so cold this winter. This is supposed to be quality time for my DW and myself, something we can do together. Should be interesting. PJ
        5.4 miles tonight, including two mile repeats at 7:30 pace with half mile at MP as a "recovery" in between. Then off to a play tonight before finishing packing. Hey Steve, I'm not taking any pants!

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          Hey Steve, I'm not taking any pants!
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