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40s 50s 60s+ On the Run - w/e 09/23 (Read 301 times)

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    Hey guys, thought I'd poke my head in here again, looks like all is well for all...


    Leslie, your neck any better? I didn't catch any mention of it while skimming, but hoping that all is good.


    Thanks for the feedback on my coach situation. Yeah, I'm keeping him up until the marathon (how could I not?) but in my mind I know it's done come November 5th. In fact, I prepaid him for October just to have that sense of closure in my head. It is what it is.


    Ran a 5k on Saturday and had my long run of 13 miles on Sunday, so that I'd practice running long on tired legs. It worked. Today's a day off and tomorrow's track day, and then no food and no drink for 25 hours starting sundown Tuesday night for Yom Kippur. The timing sucks in terms of recovery from the speedwork, but that's how it is this time of year with the Jewish holidays. Then Sunday is my last 20 miler, which I'm doing with the NY Flyers, Manhattan's running club. They host two 20-mile long runs called the Three Bridges Run, where you cover much of the route on the NYC Marathon. Supported training run, approved by my coach, imagine that!


    Enjoy the week, all!