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Thursday, July 19 Daily (Read 439 times)

Bushrat Runner

    Wow, Erika. He looks tasty. 


    Tet, chicken wire will only work if the moose is not really interested...they're awfully big and chicken wire is awfully flimsy. If you want a moose fence you are talking chain link or good wood.


    Got in a few miles today, was reminded that there is a fishtival race this weekend, so I'll be huffing and puffing through a short one on Saturday. I'm too lazy to go add myself to the racing calendar though. 


    We were supposed to be practicing music for the beargrass festival tomorrow but a friend ended up with a bunch of fish tonight and needed help processing, so the music will have to take care of itself. Luckily we only have a 30 minute slot and we already practiced once, so what could go wrong?