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Stormy Sunday......... (Read 49 times)

    i won't be able to catch up on the last couple days i missed when we were out of town, but wanted to pop in and report my 7 mile run today. It was my cutback week on the schedule, so I only had to do a 3, 6, 3 and a long of 7-9. Since this long had a few challenging hills, I was tired after my 7, so called it good.


    Had a good wknd at David's Hoop Shoot competition. he is disappointed with his 3rd place finish but I'm extremely proud that he came 3rd in State! I keep telling him that's a big deal, but to him, it doesn't matter. still got some sweet hardware and it was a great experience:



    Trails are hard!

      3rd in state sounds pretty fine to me.


      After getting 11 miles in before the storm, I've been lazy and only doing shoveling cross training.  24"+ made for quite a bit of it, but it was nice light powder.  Hoping the roads get cleared off a little soon.  Always get to see more of the neighbors during a storm like this.  I took out a 12 pack of Otter Creek (VT) out while a bunch of us took a break in the middle of the afternoon.  Tasted pretty good.

      Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


        Nice job, David! Tammy, your son has a lot of competitive drive, so getting third doesn't mean that he beat so many others, it means two kids beat him. That'll serve him well in the future, as long as he gains some perspective along the way. Congratulations to him!


        Holly, that is really scary. Good that it turned out well. Nice to have someone to run long runs with though.


        Well, I was looking forward to another warm day for a long run, but didn't factor in the wind. And that it's 10° cooler down by DH's office. But I didn't want to run hills again... so.... headed off to his office to start my run, and did several laps of the roads behind his office. Legs were tired from the start, but I figured that's be the case after yesterday's hilly run. Just never got a groove though, and had problems with the light not giving any contrast to the hardpacked snow with ruts and dips. Bleh. Pulled the plug at 8.1 and called it good. I was chilled from the breeze and DH had hot tea at his office! Yum. So, missed my "long run" goal of 10-12 but still had over 42 miles for the week, so I'm good with that.

          .  Rest won't hurt me.  Spareribs


          and you know that you get a Mariposai hug every time you rest Clown

          shush...I had to wait all these years to be able to send you one!

          Take care, ohhh wiseone.


          Too tired right now to post much. We had a rush trip to Seattle for our nephew's wedding, which allowed us to have our two sons in one place and enjoy the whole weekend with them. My DH's mother also traveled from Southern Oregon and my oldest son was the great host for her and us the whole weekend . I was so proud of my son seeing how well he took care of his grandma and us.


          We got back home at about 5pm today  when the gorgeous sun was still up. I decided to lace up my running shoes the minutes we got back home. I went out for my first run after 9 days of being sick and not knowing how much I can run.


          Not being able to run for more than a week really makes you appreciate every one mile I was able to run!!!


          I ended up with 6 great, yes slow, but  great and sweet miles.

          When I turned around at mile 3 I had a great sunset waiting for me to keep me company all the way home.

          I knew I was not alone during this run.

          ..and  I felt pampered and cherished!!!



          tamster, your David ROCKS!!!! how wonderful that he is having all these great experiences

          ...and yes, 3rd in the State is HUGE!!!!

          We are so proud of him!!!!

          "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

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            Tammy - what a talented boy you have there - congratulations to him on a great job!

            Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

              Holy Happy Hardware!!!