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WEEKLY RUNNING & X-TRAINING - w/e 09/30 (Read 224 times)

The Goofinator

    You don't ever have to go looking for Chuck Norris.  He is right behind you, ready to strike. Go ahead and look.  It'll be the last thing you ever see.


    Totals!  OMG! Shocked  She has the totals up already and it's only Monday!!




    Jim L - 6 miles running, 3.5 miles walking, 28.25 miles biking, 2 hours cardio-ing


    OrangeMat - 32.85 miles running, 45 min biking, plus a little walking (What?  No Yoga?? Roll eyes  Slacker)


    Evanflein - 35.9 miles running, 2 miles walking, 1.7 ellipticalling, and yard working


    Mariposai -


    Opie - 48.2 miles running


    fatozzig- 42.95 miles running


    Living and Running Behind the Redwood Curtain


    Trail Runner Nation

    The Goofinator

      Mon Rest     Accomplished
      Tues 4 EZ w/Strides; Core/Strength 4.25 miles w/6 strides 60 min  
      Wed 7 Fartlek 7 miles   Fartleks of varying lengths and speeds thrown in throughout the run.  Legs are tired, but feel good.
      Thurs 5 EZ; Core/Strength 5 miles   Will do core/strength tomorrow.  Didn't want to get up.
      Fri Rest   60 min  
      Sat 12 Trail Miles 12 miles   I'm ty-red.  Just plain ole ty-red.
      Sun 5 Miles 5 miles   A really good run!
      Totals   33.25 miles 120 min  



      I've been so tired, Coach is sliding me into Weaver Basin 50k with a three-week taper.  Sweet ~ Approve

      Living and Running Behind the Redwood Curtain


      Trail Runner Nation


        Cardo - ing? Smile thats funny!


        Monday: two miles at a Run / Walk on Alter G at 80-90 % of my weight,  Foot hurts today! Sad

        Tuesday: 13 miles on Mt Bike

        Wednesday: 1 hr cardio,   3.5 miles on Alter G at 85% weight   10:19 pace

        Thursday:       Went to Dr. found out pin in ankle broke in 1/2,..... My wife says I pushed it to hard, I say they need bigger pins! Wink

        Friday             Rest

        Saturday:       Rest

        Sunday:         Rest


        The Goofinator

          Ye ole foot is gonna have good days and bad days.  The bad days are reminders to take it easy.  You're doing more than your doctors ever expected, or as the ole saying goes, "You've come a long way, baby!!" Big grin

          Living and Running Behind the Redwood Curtain


          Trail Runner Nation

            DAY PLANNED Actual CORE/STRENGTH Total run
            Mon Eliptical, plus weights    1/2 hour core plus 1 hour on the E machine  
            Tues 4 EZ w/Strides; weights  7 steady state    7
            Wed 7 Zombiesleks  4 easy  10 miles bike   4
            Thurs Gym  5 miles of running  1 hour of upper body and yoga  5
            Fri 13 miles  Hiked 11 miles    
            Sat Hiking  Hiked 6 miles    
            Sun Hiking  6 miles run    6
            Totals      2 hours and half of XT.  22


            I hope to do much better with my plan this week. My plan is to focus on core and stamina for the next 4 months...r My next race is April of 2013...Sad

            "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

              Way to go Jim! And yes, there will be good days and bad days, but overall you are doing great. Keep it up! 


              Thanks, Leslie, very nice of you to get the weekly totals up so soon! So... the recovery and non-focussed running continues....


              Nancy, you and I are in the same situation with no upcoming race to train for. Just gotta rediscover running for the heck of it. I always feel I have to do a longer run on Wednesday and Saturday, and a longish run on Sunday... but, who cares what we do, right?


              Monday: 5.6 miles at GA pace, .6 mile walk

              Tuesday: rest day for work travel and meetings in Anchorage

              Wednesday: 7.1 miles on hilly trails, .4 mile walk

              Thursday: 5.3 miles in the dark (rare early morning run!), .35 mile walk

              Friday: 6.1 miles run in Laguna Beach, 3 miles walking

              Saturday: 8.2 hilly miles in Crystal Cove State Park, 2.3 miles walking

              Sunday: 4.1 hilly miles in 87°F temps (!), .5 mile walking


              Totals: 36.6 miles run, 7.2 miles walked

                End of week post. (Totally missed posting last week).


                M - rest day

                T - 8 miles

                W - rest day

                Th - 8 miles

                F - 4.5 miles

                Sa - rest day

                Su - 19.5 miles


                Total - 40 miles