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Friday Follies for 2/22 (Read 40 times)

    Leslie - Big grin  I hope that guy remembered to pause his Garmin when he ran into the sign!


    Too funny!


    As to me being the reason he crashed into the sign - sexy would not describe the look I'm workin' in the cold predawn hours: Full length tights, winter shirt, reflector vest, hat, ear pops, stocking cap, and headlamp.  I truly am a vision to behold!

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      Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->

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         Full length tights, winter shirt, reflector vest, hat, ear pops, stocking cap, and headlamp.  I truly am a vision to behold!

        Yep--I would have run into the sign, too...

          Hi PBJ (waving madly)! Good to see you.  You too, Opie!  My hand always stay warm in my 180s gloves but maybe you do have Raynauds. Have you checked it out before?  Hi tet!


          Jlynne – congrats on the new grandbaby.  Adorable, don’t you just love it? (being a grandma, that is)


          C-R – good for you getting your run in at 5am.  If I were leaving on a trip I’m pretty sure I’d skip the run.  Have a good time and happy (early) birthday.


          Jay – I’ll be interested to hear if you cut the cable.  Sorry that you still aren’t getting any relief from the pain.


          Happy birthday to you Leslie, hope the run goes well.  With all the food, family, friends and fun it sounds fantastic.  I chuckled about your story of the guy running into the post!


          MikeE – I’ll put you guys on my prayer list too.  You’d definitely be happier if switched jobs to a personal trainer.  Could you do it part time at first?


          Troy – I enjoyed reading about your swimming progress.  I took a class a few years ago but haven’t gotten back into it.  I don’t really like swimming all that much but noticed that the pool was completely empty yesterday morning.  I could practice with no one watching, ‘cept the lifeguard.  You’ve done great!  Do you like it yet?


          Ribs – I hope you have a great race.  You’ll find the right pace, I’m sure.


          Hi Gordon.  Enjoy the Wizard of Oz.  I love musicals!


          Orangemat – Your workouts make me tired.  Will keep your mom in thoughts (and prayers).


          Holly – that’s nice that you could work at home today.  My commute is only five minutes from my door to my desk so I’m not complaining.


          Last night/today we had a bit of snow.  MrStarr was out at 2am to plow snow at one of his jobs so I was in charge of the dogs this morning. I guess and trusted the puppy alone in a room for a bit too long.  The newspaper was totally shredded and she was quite proud of herself.


          Since we didn’t get to the YMCA this morning (see above) we took the dogs to the park to run and play after I got home from work.  The snow was so pretty, especially at that time of the day with the sun glistening on the trees and the fresh snow.  I took a few steps away from the car and nearly tumbled. It was slick as snot under the snow.  I took a fall on my butt just walking through the campground.  We thought that the bike path would be safer, and it was.  When I stepped off the path to play with the dogs in the fresh field of virgin snow I went down again hard enough to knock my stocking hat off when I my head hit the ice.  I’m so thankful that MrStarr didn’t fall too, he's had one hip replaced already.  We did the Minnesota Shuffle back to the car.

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            Starr, I am enjoying the swimming a lot. I always love getting into something totally new and awesomely out of my previous experience and struggling to learn it and become good at it. Swimming has definitely got all of that going for it. That's probably why I decided to learn to fly a few years back as well. But swimming is still limited by the fact that the pool is 25 y long, it is basically like treadmill running. Which is better than nothing, but I'm seriously thinking about how to get some open water swimming opportunities in the summer. I have my eye on a shallow lake that is much longer than I would want to swim, but I might be able to take a swim along the shore and look for pike and sticklebacks. That would be fun.


            But I'm also hoping to run some fun silly runs next summer. The LaGorce Ridge Run is going to be on the menu, just don't know exactly when.

              Orange Mat - You were in my thoughts and prayers on the drive home about 7:00 PM. Maybe it was because of Purim.


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                I always love getting into something totally new

                Troy -

                do you have a bike to cycle up to Naknek, swim across the lake and run out to The  Valley for a King Salmon Triathlon?

                Watch out for Bigfoot Horribilis and Esox lake monsters.

                Actually, when I was up there between you and erikaland,

                ...they had winter tri's in reverse order (x-c ski/run/pool swim).

                Where's LaGorce?

                Have fun!




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