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Freeze Your Fanny 5K - Bay City, MI (Read 173 times)

    The summary: I ran a less than spectacular 26:20 for an 8:29 pace. I finished 35/53 OA and 3/5 in AG (60-69). I have participated in this race for several years. It is one of a 3 race series each winter at the Bay City Community Center. What a contrast with the half marathon I ran in AZ last Sunday. In AZ, it was 55 degrees at the start and 65 at the finish and practically calm. This morning, it was about 13 degrees with a decent wind. The half had over 20,000 runners and this mornings race 53. As neat as the half was, it was nice to be at a race where I knew at least a fifth of the field well enough to greet by name. After some pre race visiting, we were off on roads that were, for the most part, clear of snow and ice in spite of the temperature. I quickly realized it was going to be one of those days that was not very fast. As we started out, I got a few yards behind Leonard (from my age group) who I've beaten in a couple of recent races but has normally beaten me. Another friend, Craig, was between us for quite awhile. As we approached the turn around, I saw some of my faster friends like Brian, Terry, and Ann coming back. Since there are a couple of loops, you don't see everyone like on a normal out and back. After the turn around, I met Mallory, Linda, and Mark. About the two mile mark, I pulled ahead of Craig but stayed just behind Leonard for the entire race. Checking my pace for the approximate miles and last tenth, I got 8:10, 8:31, 8:27, and 8:16. I started out ok but obviously fizzled. Oh well, that's what I had in me today. After the race there was more visiting and presentation of awards. As usual, I enjoyed the experience and am looking forward to the third in the series next month. TomS
      Tom, You did what you could today. Go get 'em next time. Dark Horse
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        Temperature shock !!!! Arizona one week Bay city the next? Come on give yourself a break. Sounds fun to know so many people though. Good job on a cold day

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          Tom, You deserve credit for simply getting out there. Did you enjoy it???? One thing I like about when you post is the social aspect of the race. Sweet!!!!!!!!


            Good going Tom and on legs that have been racing a lot. As long as you gave what you could, it's a job quite well done. Thanks for the report and I can't wait for the next one---they are always full of great details and a clear passion for running. CNY
              Good work, Tom. Thanks for sharing!
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                Tom, there's no such thing as a "decent wind" when it's 13 degrees; any wind is "indecent" at best. Sounds like you had a good time, though, even though you weren't over the effects (and climate shock) from last weekend. Now get in shape to blitz that third race in the series!

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                  My hat is off to you for even getting out there in those temps. I am a "winter race wimp" and never venture far from my house to run until the weather warms up. Great job!

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                    Hi Tom, Could it be that you still had a little leg fatigue from AZ? Regardless: you got out there; you ran; you finished 3rd in your AG; and you had a chance to hang out with friends after the race. That doesn't sound like such a bad day in my book! Congratulations! Jay

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                      Nice run Tom, Maybe it wasn't your fastest, but sounds like ya had a good time. thanks for the report stay warm jjj
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                        Tom, I love your RR of tiny races. You run your hardest and know most of the crowd. Way to go. Sue