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WEEKLY RUNNING & X-TRAINING w/e 03/10 (Read 12 times)

    Another week...

    Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip









      Total=32 miles

      Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

        Thanks for the thread start Gordon.


          Run plan Run actual Bike plan Bike actual Swim plan Swim actual Comment

        5 miles

        8.1 miles none none

        1650 meters 

        1650 m  extended run 
        TUE none none

        45 minutes 

        15.1 miles 



        5 miles

        none none 17.2 miles

        1650 meters

        1650 m got off plan
        THUR none 7.9 miles

        45 minutes




        8 miles

        none none none 2000 meters 2000 m  
        SAT none none 50 miles 53.5 miles none none  
        SUN 14 miles  10 miles none none none none with running club 
        TOT 30 miles  26 miles 90 miles 85.8 miles 3 miles 3.3 miles  



          Mon 4 Miles EZ 4 ez An incredible 1.5 hr massage in the late afternoon!
          Tues Rest    
          Wed 5 Miles EZ 5 sort of ez Cold, steady rain, and 2 encounters with the same skunk.
          Thurs 5 Miles w/2 Tempo Miles 5 ez  
          Fri 4 Miles EZ    
          Sat 10 Trail Miles 10 miles Last LR with Karen.  Had a really nice time.
          Totals 28 miles 24 miles  


          Tapering to Rodeo Valley 50k on March 16.  Oh how I love the taper!

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          2018: Mendocino Coast 50k - April 21

            Thanks, Gordon!


            I'm really trying to build my mileage without breaking anything... so far, so good with just over 42 miles last week and I hope for about the same this week. Key for me is getting that long run back up to par. Last week's 10 miler was my longest run in many many weeks (as in, many), so I've got my work cut out for me.


            Monday: 5.2 hilly miles after work, .4 mile walk

            Tuesday: 1.6 mile walk at lunchtime, 6.2 mile run after work with .2 mile walk c/d

            Wednesday: Rest Day

            Thursday: 9.6 GA miles in mid-30's temps (!), .4 mile walk c/d

            Friday: 5.2 hilly miles, .3 mile walk

            Saturday: 7.1 miles of hills, .6 mile walk c/d

            Sunday: 12.1 miles run, .5 mile walk c/d


            Totals: 45.6 miles run (the most in a long time!), 4 miles walked


            Nice to get my long run back up over 10 miles, but this was really hard. Gotta remember to not run hills the day before the long run!

            Old , Ugly and slow

              mon -0

              tue -  weights

              wed -4



              sat weights

              sun 6 hilly trail run

              total  13

              first race sept 1977 last race sept 2007


              2018 goals   1000  miles  , 190 pounds , deadlift 400 touch my toes

                Late to the game again!


                Mon: approx. 2.8 kilometers on the beach. I was at the coast for work for 3 days. Added on a swim in the hotel swimming pool plus a mandatory boot camp class on the beach.

                Tue: approx. 4.7 kilometers on the beach with some really fast colleagues. I made the mistake of running harder than I actually could. Especially since we were on the beach. I've been running nearly all my workouts on the TM, so this beach running was ridiculously hard!

                Wed: Only 2.5 kilometers out on the road at home, cause my legs felt incredibly tired from those beach runs.

                Thu: taking an involuntary rest day cause I forgot to turn the alarm back on on my phone. When I was away for work I didn't need to get up before 7AM, so had turned the 5h00 alarm and the 6h00 alarm (in case I fell asleep again) off. I guess a rest day won't hurt Wink

                Fri: It's been a long week of 12 hr work days. I was tired and sleepy this morning, so I'm rather pleased with myself that I did get a good 5K run in on the TM.

                Sat: 2.5 kilometer doggie run. It was raining, so Spike didn't dig or run off, he just wanted to get home Wink I was supposed to add a strength training  w/o but that just didn't happen. But I did get me a brand new pair of Asics GT-2000 for the incredible sum of 150 euros Shocked I'm ordering another pair online at RunningWarehouse for only $90 (approx. 70 euros). In addition, I bought a second pair of compression socks. They really help keep my tight calfs warm and loose. Too hot to wear on the TM, but nice for outside

                Sun: Nice 8.2 kilometers in the rain and strong icey wind. I only really noticed the wind when running between the open fileds


                BTW, my pathetic February mileage (44K kilometers) was more than my monthly mileage of the past 6 months. So I guess I did OK.


                Totals: 25.9 kilometers of running and no strength training of any kind.

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