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    thanks Ribs for the tip on negotiation. and if I'm not getting them into my price range on a vehicle, can I ask if they'd like to speak with my negotiator? Joking

    actually, my DH will be doing the negotiating and he's managed service depts for dealerships before, so he doesn't have much patience for their usual BS and let's them know it if need be. lol.


    results posted and I'm happy with where I'm at. 5/14 in my 40-49 AG and 14/38 females.


    David came in 7th overall. the guy that passed him at the very end beat him by 1 second and he actually came up to David afterwards, said this will be the last year he'd ever be able to beat him and thanked david for really making him push it to his limit at the end. This guy was in the 30-39 AG. The first 4 finishers were all on the highschool track team that David's been training with. 5th place was a guy in the 50-59 AG and then the guy in front of David that was in his 30's. real proud of my son today (well, everyday, but he raced well today)


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      tammy - no particular reason but does david play baseball too and still play football?

      Has he ever heard of Jim Thorpe, or the decathlon?

      happy birthday tall'

      happy birthday tall

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        nope, david's not playing baseball or football. Last year he quit football to go out for cross country. and hasn't played baseball since he was little, like 8 or 9 yrs old maybe? Giving up football was a HUGE decision for him, as he LOVES the game, is a great wide receiver and just really has a passion for the game. It's probably partly my fault he gave it up. I convinced him to go out for track as a spring sport last year and told him that running on the track team would make him an even better and faster wide receiver. Reluctantly, he agreed to go out for track. Then he fell in love with running and decided to go out for CC this past fall, which is also the football season, so he could only pick one sport. His friends were shocked and disappointed that he didn't go out for football and he was always their "go-to" guy on the field.


        I don't think he's heard of Jim Thorpe, but he's familiar with the decathlon.We saw some of the decathlon qualifying events when we were in Eugene for the Olympic trials this past spring.


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          Enke - that is pretty scary.  I hope you get that resolved quickly.


          Tammy - that boy of yours is FAST!

          Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

            Sweet Opie.


            TW...No Doz???


            Ribs' reputation proceeds him. Maybe you two can grill after a run.


            Hi Sarge


            Any one else want Tallrunner's recipe?


            Yeah!! Hi Karen!


            Good luck with Mrs. TSelbs' back spasms.


            Tag and I would like the 5 muddy ones too Enke. When we got home, DW would be sad.


            Sweet DD game, Holly.


            Yeah David! I'd love your HM time Tammy.


            Wow Leslie


            DW, Tag, Honey and I decided to head west 30 miles for a 5K in Frankfort, MI. We didn't preregister as the road conditions this time of year can be questionable. Even the highways were dicey and we nearly turned back. When I went in to register, people asked where Tag was and no one remembered my name. The event is a point to point with bussing available. DW dropped me and the dogs off and while I was re explaining good manners to Tag, there was a practice fire with the starting pistol and Tag dragged me across the parking lot. When I got his punk but settled down, Honey slipped loose and we could not catch her before the race started for real. She had a great time running along the course while a number of us yelled, "HONEY SIT!". When she'd go around a turn, she would sit until she saw everyone following her, then she'd take off again. After a mile, a runner caught her leash and there was a leash relay back to Tag and me.




            For the $15.00 entry fee, we got a stocking cap. We got 1st AG 1/1 and got hardware and an engraved pint glass. In the raffle we got a bright orange tote back and a good sized coffee mug. Tag, Honey and all the other dogs got lots of affection from little kids


              Love the race report, SteveP!!

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