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A September Sunday, 9.2.12 (Read 359 times)

    19 pokey slow miles for me today -- last mile was painful. Beautiful day, crisp and sunny. Leslie, that's cool about your name calling friends! Or name dropping...

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      I am going to be a grandmother in March!!




      Congratulations!  Glad she is helping with your DS, but sorry about your foot


      Roch - you can do it!


      Mike - nice pics!


      4 recovery miles for me today, followed by 30 minutes of weights and core.

      Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

        hopeful, that was a nice picture of a sunset you posted Fri from your fishing trip.  evan, nice trail race.  Twocat, I'm glad to hear your heel is better.  Tet, good job on your latest marathon.  Twocat, congrats on the shirt.  Mike, great XC pictures.  henrun, glad to hear you're recovering.  deez, good luck with your foot problem and with Justin's situation.


        Nice long runs for Twocat, holly, fatozzig, Evan, Mike (with Ryan), and Econo.


        Yesterday morning, it was about 60° with a light breeze.  I got in 6 miles at an 11:21 pace.  This morning was a repeat of the weather conditions.  I got in 4 miles at a 10:45 pace.


        As I've mentioned many times, I've slowed a lot in the last couple of years.  Until about 4 months ago, however, I was keeping up my mileage.  At that time, I had my "meltdown" run and things have gone downhill rapidly since then.  My legs felt tired and weak most of the time, walking, running, or just sitting around.  My mileage dropped quite a bit and I didn't feel like getting out the door.  A couple trips to the doctor and a stress test didn't indicate any problems.  At my second trip to the doctor, I told him my opthamologist had given me new eyedrops with a beta blocker.  I had heard somewhere that beta blockers caused muscle weakness in some people.  The doctor didn't think that the amount of beta blocker in a few eyedrops would be a problem.  I had an opthamologist appointment lastTues, got to thinking about the eyedrops again, and googled them.  One of the side effects was muscle weakness.  In checking my log, my "meltdown" run was 3 days after starting the new drops.  I asked the opthamologist (a runner - we usually talk as much running as we do about my eyes) if they could be a problem.  He was quick to say that was a side effect for some people and he'd change me to a different kind of eyedrops immediately.  Wed, I did my  normal 4 mile walk and it went a bit faster than usual and I felt less beat at the end.  Thurs, I did a 6 mile run at a faster pace than any training run in a month, felt less bad at the end than usual, and recovered quicker than I had been.  Fri. was another  good walk.  Sat, I did another 6 mile run, slower than Thurs but better than a lot of recent runs, again feeling not too bad at the end and recovering quickly.  Then, we spent the rest of Sat walking around a music festival and I felt fine.  This morning, my 4 miles was at a faster pace than any training run for a couple of months.  I am cautiously optimistic that I may be able to get back to where I was 4 months ago.  If I'd seriously considered the new eyedrops as a problem earlier, I could have asked our resident pharmacist, tomw, for advice (for the record, Tom, the eyedrops I was taking were Combigan and, as you probably know, were to reduce the pressure in my eyes that goes along with my glaucoma).


        A good day and good runs for all.



          Tom S good luck on fixing your "meltdown" problem,  seems like you already fixed it hopefully... 


          8.88 miles this morning w/DW, humid!!!  Beat the rain by 20 minutes so at least the shoes stayed dry.


          Econo long run are supposed to be pokey, nice run! 


          Timing a 4 mile race tomorrow in Newton Falls


          Have a Nice Labor Day!      

          Courage ! Do one brave thing today...then run like hell.

            Jay, I've seen bears on the trails. I'm still more worried about skunks. Maybe it's because no one will laugh at you if an unpleasant encounter with a bear occurred. 


            Very cool pictures MikeE. Them kids have well defined muscles.


            Ah crud Denise. Being a grandparent rocks, thing at a time is preferable. A tri may not be one of the one thing at a time things.


            Holy Moly I love the AD Bots!!! There's a cologne called "Batman for Men"!! Hell Yeah!!! I hope it's as good as High Karate!


            TomS, I'm so very glad you have a runner eye Dr.


            Yesterday's 1.5 miles on the trails was rough. I debated on calling  for help. 40 hours in three days was a bit too much. Tonight, DW Tag and I went on the same loop. I kept telling Tag to save some juice for Monday's race. He listens like a spouse. DW got her first close look at a fat partridge the dog spooked up. Very kewl. Closer to the end, we heard a dog bark and I grabbed Tag's collar. Then it started howling and a chorus of howls were erupting  just around the corner. Coyotes!!! AT least 6! I'm running towards them while trying to keep the mutt back and yelling for DW to get her phone so we could get pictures! Too slow but lots of fun.


              11 pokey slow miles for me with the last 3 pretty humbling.  Temp was 84° at the end and my feet were on fire. I did the first 6 miles with one water bottle, leaving at the stop sign in the shade while I ran out and backs on a new road that hasn't officially opened yet.  I had to stop at the campground restroom and it took a long time to get up to speed again after that break.  I think I need to make sure I eat a bit more before a long run.  A banana at 11:30 after church just wasn't enough.


              I'm too tired to comment much more, but want to say hi to MikeE and congrats to Ryan and his team. Nice photos and interesting race. Was #21 the runner from Worthington?  Mussa was his name, I think.


              TomS, I'm glad that your symptoms are getting so much better after switching eye drops.  Glad you figured that out.


              Deez, I can highly recommend grandchildren.  Hope your son stays on track and you stay off your foot!


              Gotta go.  Have a nice holiday tomorrow everyone.  I'll look for Wildchild's and Orangemat's race reports.

                22.5 miles on the Equinox course today, from start to 11.5 then back, walked the last half mile. Glad that's done. Sorry don't have time to ready up and comment, will try to catch up later...

                Bushrat Runner

                  Just back from vacation to do book signings, attend the state fair for the first time ever (always sounded fun, just never managed to do it) and hopefully I'll get a little more consistent running in. Had a fun trip, but not many miles on the legs. Lots of miles on the plane though.



                  Jagged ridge over Chigmit Mountains

                  Jagged ridge


                  Redoubt in evening light, smoking from dome.

                  Redoubt evening


                  East entrance to Lake Clark Pass

                  Lake Clark Pass east entrance





                  Clouds in morning sun over snowfields

                  Clouds in morning sun over snowfields


                  Redoubt in morning light still smoking away

                  Redoubt in morning light


                  Crescent Lake

                  Crescent Lake


                  Mt Iliamna in the distance

                  Mt Iliamna in distance


                  Kontrashibuna Lake

                  Kontrashibuna Lake


                  Copilot (DD)


                    Awesome pictures, Troy, and fun sneaking that DD picture in there! I sure love this state....

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                      Beautiful pics Troy!


                      TomS - it's amazing how something we don't think about, like eye drops, can make such a difference.  Glad you didn't give up looking.  As runners we are often more in tune with our bodies, I think, and notice when something is "off."

                      Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

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                        Nice photos mike and troy. thanks.

                        Everyone's probably lucky though I can’t show the post-marathon photos under the full moon  from the hotsprings. No wonder I love running so much.


                        TomS - and all this time I just thought you were getting old, I wish I could blame mine on the 5% saline eye drops I have to take.



                        . Troy - do they have the Lazy Mountain Run 18 mile run there anymore? I was inspired nearing the summit one year only to find out the people I thought I was catching up to were just some hikers out picking succulent, white-meated mountain blueberries. Hope you c an sneak off to the Equinox with Erika and Holly.


                        . After flying without much incident all these years until my luggage went to New York while I went on to Tokyo in April, the same kind of rain squalls that blessed our otherwise muggy marathon on Saturday delayed departure from Narita for two hours. However, the airline’s restaurant certificate got me the most expensive sushi ($10) on the menu of the airport sushi branch: uni sea urchin eggs and seared toro belly maguro tuna. It was worth it. Unfortunately, though my wish for another two hour delay came true, we were stuck in the cabin sitting on the runway so long that they had to go back and refuel. This time all we got was a plastic cup of water. .



                         Returned to a call from 81-yo Ironman Frank about getting together at the annual nearby Labor Day Half Marathon that Francesca used to think was a long run. .


                         In the meantime, no particular reason but I think I need a mailing address for two certain goddesses from Wisconsin <<<(red/red)>>> and also  Olympia. <<<(pink/pink)>>> jon at runningbarefoot dot org .


                         ps troy - no particular reason either but do you ever fly up the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes and over Mt. Katmai. Does it still have a now 100-year old glacier inside the caldera? I wouldn’t mind seeing the top of Mt. Katolinat sometime either if it turns out to be convenient, . . . to say nothing of Dumpling or anything around Brooks. Bears are not my favorites anymore though. Not too much at once though as everything you do on its own is pretty overwhelming for what's left of my  brain. . thanks.


                        pps erika - I used to think about that same question about how in the world anyone who is actually running can take so long to do it for 26.2 miles. You'll know the answer too in about twenty more years. : )

                        Henry the Great: "I'm going to keep running as long as I can."

                        T. Igarashi (summiting Mt. Fuji at age 100): "Enjoy yourself. Your younger days never come again."