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Merry Christmas Day Runs - December 25th, 2007 (Read 730 times)


    Wow Jessee, 22 on Christmas day! Oustanding. Congratulations Vista! Seemomgo, the garmin on the treadmill never worked for me. Wink


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      Merry Xmas all: I haven't been running for the last week or so, lots of elliptical time while I try to heal my heel. I've heard the garmin does well on the dreadmill with the footpod, I just use the mills display (I doubt that the downloaded map would look very interesting. let us know how you like the footpod seemom. Dave
        I hope and pray that all your wishes came true today. The Posie clan had a white Christmas with more than 3 inches of new snow. Our Christmas Eve Latino style celebration was just a hoot. We ate a lot, we laugh a lot, we decorated the Christmas tree and went to bed at 1 am with hopes for St. Nick to be nice to us all. We all have been good around here since we received many of the "wishes" we had. "The gift" for me is a garmin gps for my car. I now am more equipped to drive in the big city. I was giving up to go for a runt today, but my DH saw the longing in my eyes and he encouraged me to go for a run tonight. He served me as a chaperon as I covered 2 hilly miles around my neighborhood. Tselb, it is so good to see you here. Smile

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          This will be my first post on RunningAhead. We have a lot to be thankful for. TomS
          I'm thankful to read one of your posts again Tom, Aamos, Larry and Starr. enkephalin!!!! That story about your son is greta!!!! What a day. I snuck in, maybe a mile. Mom was pretty ill this AM but wanted some of us to get together. She bucked up and came out to feast and visit for over an hour. DW and the kids are the best. With DD#1 getting closer with the first Grandchild, maybe Mom can see the baby before she passes on to bigger and better things.


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            Steve - I hope she gets to see her first grandchild. But even if she doesn't see it from here, she'll be watching from somewhere.

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