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40/40 thread for week ending 1/20 (Read 711 times)

Marathon Maniac #957

    Twocat sent me a macro for the weekly tally to make it more readable. The logistics are wayyyy over my head, but it works! Thanks Twocat! Let me know if I missed anyone or got the numbers wrong.
    Twocat - 65.19 Excellent weather for the LR
    CNYrunner - 63 Topping a great week with a 20-miler ending in progression run.
    Perch - 56.4 And feeling great!
    PJH - 53 In spite of a chest cold!
    Tallrunner52 Plus spinning and weights.
    Breger -51.252 months after marathon and still in excellent shape.
    Pfriese - 50.1 Back-to-back HM and Marathons - Goofy!
    Tramps - 46.8 Plus core work and intervals.
    Holly - 45.8 A run with CNYrunner brightened my week.
    Rgreen45 On 5 days with a 20-miler topping it off.
    SirWalksalot - 40.99 In four days.
    Predawnrunner40.45 You are always a welcome addition, lovely lady!
    Way5yom - 40 Race week!
    Evenflein - 35.77 Heading into taper mode
    Thought I'd give the table a try for my weekly runs. Hopefully I didn't mess it up.
    Monday00Weights and Abs
    Tuesday7-910.15hill workout
    Thursday7-10103@MP and brisk for the rest
    Friday00Weights and abs
    Sunday187slow and easy

    Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

      See Holly not so hard! Smile Looks good too. Now everybody is getting in with the fancy headings. Ok, me too then! Also, I created a Word document with a built in macro that converts a standard Word table into one that posts here in HTML (just copy and paste the results). If anybody is interested in getting a copy let me know and if you know of some way to post it around here.
      Monday1414.42 Big snow storm wimped out! Just a little slush on the road. Cool
      Tuesday99.88 I just hate all speed work! Glad it is over for the week.
      Wednesday1212.19 Semi-recovery run.
      Thursday55.50 Real recovery run!
      Friday2020.64 Done! Best of all not another 20+ miler on the schedule for two weeks. Big grin
      Saturday00 Plane travel day. Made it but luggage took an extra few hours.
      Sunday55 Likely on a TR. Yep, on a treadmill. Sad

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        Geez, you people are compulsive. I'm staying messy. Plan/ actual Mon 7.7 easy @8:49 Tues 7 w/4 @ tempo (avg 7:09) Wed core Thurs 7.8 easy @ 9:30 Fri 8 including 800x5, w/400 (3:26, :23, :25, :29, :21) Sat core Sun 14.1 @ 8:55 Total ~ 44.6
          Hello all, This is a bit of a step back week----good thing! Monday------Off/weights and abs---done Tuesday-----8 miles with 2 x 12 mins at 5k pace---8.7 miles with 2x12 mins. at 10k pace (7:24, 7:18) Wednesday-12 miles/weights and abs 12.6 in 1:52 weights and abs Thursday----7-9 tempo 10 miles with Holly Friday-------8 miles 0 miles---no sneakers/lost luggage and too tired Saturday----4 miles/weights and abs 4 miles in Centennial Olympic Park/Atlanta---weights 30:09 Sunday------16 miles with mile 8-14 at MP 18.1 miles at 9:15 pace with miles 8-14 at 7:50-7:53 pace Total: 54 53.3
            This week should be a bit lower than last week (low 40's probably), as I start a mini-taper for the Miami HM.
            MondayPlanned Rest Day0 milesDid it!
            Tuesday10 miles easy8 miles GA8:46 min/mile pace
            Wednesday7 miles with 4x1000m intervals9 miles with 5 at tempo5 tempo miles were run at 7:55, 7:47, 7:39, 7:33, and 7:43 min/mile pace
            Thursday5 miles recovery6 miles recovery9:10 min/mile pace. Warm 71 degrees
            Friday6 miles recovery5 miles recovery9:10 min/mile pace
            Saturday5 miles easy4 milesTreadmill
            Sunday12 miles easy10.258:38 min/mile pace

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              Copying the old table again into the new thread... it seems to get a bit more "jumbled" every time...
              MondayXT DayXT on bike8.12 miles/30 mins on Stationary bike
              Tuesday3-4 EZ miles5.25.25 to .5 mile bursts up to 7.3-7.5 mph, rest was MP
              Wednesday4 miles3.1 milesAll I had time for... hilly 5k in 28 mins.
              Thursday0 miles0Rest Day, but may XT w/ core/weights
              Saturday00Travel Day
              Sunday26.2 miles26.7Carlsbad Marathon + warm up

              i'm lovin' it... MM#1949

                Thanks Holly! More base building...
                DayPlan Actual Comments
                Monday 4 mi Recovery + X-Train4 miMagical Healing Miles for Tory @AHR137
                Tuesday13 mi m-LR13 + 5 mi DOUBLE: am 8:58 pace AHR 147... nice! Then in pm.. Fla 8:30 AHR155
                Wednesday4 mi recovery0RESTED
                Thursday6 mi GA w/ 10x100m5 miin 33F rain @ 8:56
                Friday4 mi recovery4 mi9:44 pace AHR 143
                Saturday20 mi LR20 mi 8:43 pace, last 12 8:35 uphill
                Sunday6 mi GA6 mi8:17 pace AHR 160.. target was 160!
                Totals:5757 miFeel wonderful. Nice week with two high mileage days

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                  Holly, Thanks for the 40/40 thread again. The table looks great! I'm going to need a free pass as I'll be taking it easy this week.
                  Mondaymarathon rest & recovery daydonenot too sore after Goofy
                  Tuesdaymarathon rest & recovery daydoneweather tempted me to go running
                  Wednesdaymarathon rest & recovery daydonePouring rain, so got another days rest
                  Thursdaymarathon rest & recovery daydonedinner engagement, so another off night
                  Friday6.2 milesdonefelt great, 9:13/mile pace
                  Saturdayextra rest (?) daydonelots a honey do's that had to be done
                  Sunday10.1 milesdonevery windy run @ 9:30/mile pace
                  Total16.3 milesDONEa great recovery week Smile

                  Hill Runner

                    Holly, you missed me...40.2 miles last week.

                    Upcoming Races:

                    Boston Marathon, Boston,MA 04/15/13
                    Grandfather Mountain Marathon,Boone NC 07/14/13
                    Thunder Road Marathon, Charlotte NC 11/13

                    Marathon Maniac #957

                      Peter - Oops - sorry! I have you in now.

                      Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."


                        Will be on the DL for a few days due to an achilles tendon injury, so will need a pass this week. I'm hoping it doesn't sideline me for too long. PJ
                          Still working on safe mileage buildup.
                          DayPlan Actual Comments
                          Monday Rest Rest-
                          Tuesday10 mi m-LR10 mi 9:58 pace
                          Wednesday6 mi easy6 mi10:13 pace
                          Thursday11 mi m-LR11 mi10:07 pace
                          Saturday4 mi easy4 mi10:02 pace
                          Sunday17 mi Long17 mi10:14 pace in bitter cold and wind
                          Totals:4848-doin' OK on the miles, not so much on the speed

                          aka Mrs. WillRunForBeer, MD, USA

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                            Mon---0, stomach bug (gift from 9YO) Tues--4.28, 33:00, quickie before work and before I realized I was still sick Dead Wed---7.78, 1:01:40, in denial of sickness, tryin' to hit MP of <7:40 ile=""></7:40>4.28, 32.16, getting light out earlier, finally Fr-----10.8, 1:38, 1st run w/ the Garmi, guess I'm in the Garmy now. Sat---11.2, 1:38, comin' up short..... Sun--5.03, 46:27, cold out, brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr crazy wind chill nose-freezer Clowning around 43.4 for the week. Derry next week? Mehbeh......
                              Holly, I would love to play this game but I don't know how. I came over from coolrunning last month. I assume this is for people 40-49? I have no idea how to make those columns for weekly runs. Is that taken from our log? Excuse my ignorance. I'm looking for comradrie with fellow masters.

                              crb81 2008 goals sub-20 5k, sub-43 10k, 1:35 half, 3:20 marathon

                              My Little Pal

                                Hi gang. I won't have 40 this week due to racing a 12k on Saturday 01/19. It's also my birthday. The race is a hilly one and it's at Norris Dam State Park in Tennessee. I'm done running until the race and I'm at 26 so if on race day my WU/race/CD equal 10 miles, I'll check in at 36. I'll report actual results Saturday evening ..... when I'm 56 years old. Big grin
                                At the end of the day, be happy with where you are and what you've accomplished.