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Moab Trail Marathon Race Report (Read 452 times)

    Even without the wonderful photos, I can just picture you out there, totally in your element.  To stand on that funny little rock podium at the national championship is so impressive!  But you weren't all bloodied up.  How disappointing.

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      Wow, wild, what a marathon.  The elevation chart is intimidating.  The pictures are very scenic but also show how tough the course is.  The picture of you finishing makes it look like you were having an easy time of it.  Congrats on a fine race.



        Ooooooohh!! I want to run this so bad!  So many races, so little time.  Adding another race to the bucket list . . .


        Your report was fantastic, and those pics are the selling point.  Congrats on the AG placement.  I concur with how nice it is to have your spouse out there.  The couple of races of mine Shorty has attended, my heart has always felt a little bit lighter knowing he would be at various aid stations and waiting for me at the end.

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          Wow - what a stunningly beautiful race!  And exciting!  I think I would have trouble running because I would be spending so much time just standing, mouth hanging open, stupified by the view! 


          3/18 AG is not middle of the pack, btw......


          Great Job!


          Looking forward to seeing you next week....Smile


          (I have to say, it's mighty tempting to think about running that next year....where would I have to fly in to?)

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            Gorgeous Pictures//.............did 2nd Place fall off her rock??

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              It looks like a stunning course.  But, really rope lines, narrow slots and that elevation profile! Shocked  Whoever invented the camera gets my thanks today because I am sure not doing this race anytime soon!  Congratulations on your AG podium finish, tippy rock and all!

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