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Sunday Dec 23rd Runs and Stuff (Read 621 times)

    Need a sparring partner at the gym DH? I've been doing some boxing drills to further my core strengthening.
    Aija, I'm a lover, not a fighter. Dark Horse
    I'm a dark horse, running on a dark race course.

      I'm envious of all of you who could do long runs today. Nice work. 45 min on the elliptical with 4x5:00 at "tempo" effort, HR peaking in the mid 160s, with 2:00 recoveries, HR down to the mid-130s. Then some side planks, clamshells, and AT stretching.
        Soundie, that was just what I needed to hear. Thank you. May I speak for all injured people when I say that it kind of distorts your entire mind? You think all your posts are boring and unworthy (and heck, they probably are) and even though you love your friends, you get so jealous of their fast races and great workouts. Stay healthy in '08. Spareribs
        Ribs, has gotta be tough being on the side lines.....hang in there and the recovery will come....even is kinda like mile 16 from a spectator..."you're almost there"..when I hear that I just wanna say..."huh, almost there?"... 2008 will be your it will be for the rest of our recovering group... And to all the "injured out there"...your time is the mean time thanks for keeping the rest of us going... Tim, Ardmore, OK.
          Dave, "embracing the suck"?? Here's another long run with which to torment you & Decorative Dark Horse... 15 miles with DS rollerblading alongside me. We saw the most awesome red-tailed hawk really close to the bike path, ripping a pigeon (unclear) to shreds. Amazing! Then 2 miles later on the way back from a turnaround, we saw the hawk again, this time using a toothpick to clean his beak.... Big grin 1st 10 EZ pace; last 5 sub-9:00. PDR, my BIL is a satellite engineer for a French company in PA...he just sent one up a month or two ago. Really cool that you do that work (must be an incredible feeling when it launches!)
            Wow, nice run, Econo, and so nice your son rollerbladed by your side. Smile 15 miles is a heckuva long way to rollerblade! Dark Colt has run only once this month--in the Hot Chocolate 5K on December 1, where we met CNYrunner--but I am delighted he has just signed up to play soccer for the first time in over a year. Winter soccer starts on Saturday, January 5, I think. They play winter soccer indoors here, natch. Dark Colt and I have also made a project of cleaning up his bedroom. A couple of weeks ago we filled up four large plastic bins--and I mean large--with junk from his floor. Every day, we throw away or put away 10 items from a bin. Tomorrow we expect to empty the first bin--hooray! Three bins left to go. In addition to cleaning up his room, which is the superficial goal, I am trying to teach him the concept of reducing a big task to bite-sized pieces. So far, he has cheerfully gone along with the project: I reach into the bin and hand him a piece of paper to recycle, or a laundry item to put in the basket, or a book to shelve, or a shoe to put in the hanging shoe bag I recently hung on the inside of his closet door, or a penny to put in his cash box, and he dashes to and fro following my instructions. Both of our boys hate to make their beds, but I have gotten them to agree to make their beds one day a week. On that one day, the room looks a lot better! Dark Horse
            I'm a dark horse, running on a dark race course.
              That said, I am having some vicarious fun watching some of my favorite runners prepare for key races, Tim V. among them, also KSrunnr (who I am not speaking to), and of course the Sun God from Arizona. Some great RRs coming our way I suspect.
              Ribs, did you just call MC "The Sun God?, I thought he was our Crazy speedy God! Wink Hang in there Ribs, this also shall pass. For now, you can keep being our mentor and cheerleader. Soundie, way to tough it out girl. I know the weather condition was not the best for a 20 miler. You are so ready for your upcoming marathon. MC-aka The Sun God, congrats on your 87 PR training miles. Please take all the naps you can get during the Holidays. Way to tough it out to get to your desired mileage. Now taper, please. Runningindc, great job on your long run. There is no such a thing as "too slow" in my books. DH, what a great idea about the method you are using to help DC to learn about how to "divide and conquer". Now to my running. I ran a 13 miler in 2:14 on the TM today. I am on call over the weekend, so I was not able to run outside.

              "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

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                        It's gone Tammy... what's next? StumpyKevin... Chena Pump is still sort of the "low rent district," but our infamous long-term senator and former governor Frank Murkowski has a house there, and there are several development in former gravel pits of big huge houses selling for stupid amounts... My sister and brother both live on the upper side, Chena Ridge, and that's a mix of very nice subdivisions and older smaller homes. Mariposai, good job on the treadmill run. I probably should've done that. But no... I had to run outside... 12 miles in 1:47 at temps ranging from -3 to +3... a little breeze on the bare overpass but other than that if felt pretty still. I had to stop several times to readjust my neck gaitor... washed my face mask last night but couldn't find it before we had to leave the house! DS2 had soccer scrimmage at the Univ. rec ctr, so DH dropped us both off and I started from there. Bike paths all nicely plowed, so that was cool. My legs had no "sproink" whatsoever (can we use that term here?) after yesterday's 8 miles of hills. Plan was 14 miles but I just couldn't do those last two miles. Neck gaitor totally frozen from turning it all the time to find soft warm parts. Glad that run is over. What to do tomorrow? Was s'posed to be a rest day or cross training, but I could run to the club and hop on the TM... club closed on Tuesday and I may not have time to run then anyway... Legs tired though. Errrgh. Good runs everyone. DH, you can always be the decorative attendee at our race events... Carlsbad on Jan. 20??
                          Erika, I'll be thinking of you and trying to dig out my former cold-weather mentality as I move from soggy runs to cold, snowy ones in Wisconsin starting Tuesday. I'm bringing my Alaskan rubber-spikey things we talked about at dinner for sure.