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Ask Spareribs, Part 13 (Read 306 times)

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    All right, you asked for it. Here is the March "Ask Spareribs" column. No disco this time, just good solid advice and feedback to serious runners: Dear Spareribs: I hope you can help me; I am so upset. My fiancé and I have been together for almost three years. We met and fell in love through running. He was the first person to encourage me to run longer, he helped me run my first race, and now next month, thanks to his coaching I am running my first marathon. I love him and I love running, and I have been so happy up until today. Here is what happened. This morning we did a 20-mile marathon training run. After the run we showered together at his place, and I happily left for work. I pulled out of his driveway and hadn’t gotten more than a half mile down the road when my car conked out and shuddered to a halt. When I went to call for help I realized I had left my cell phone on his dresser so I walked back there to get him to help me. When I walked into his bedroom I couldn’t believe my eyes. He was in bed with another woman, just minutes after being with me! I am beside myself and don’t know what to do. Spareribs, can you please help? Charlene in Dallas Dear Charlene: A car stalling after being driven a short distance can be caused by a variety of faults with the engine. Start by checking that there is no debris in the fuel line. If it is clear, check the jubilee clips holding the vacuum pipes onto the inlet manifold. If none of these approaches solves the problem, it could be that the fuel pump itself is faulty, causing low delivery pressure to the carburetor float chamber. I hope this helps. Spareribs Dear Spareribs: I just ran my first marathon and am I ever excited! Every mile was the most thrilling, emotional experience. I have written a race report that describes my feelings and how I performed mile by mile. It’s a bit long, but I was hoping to send it to you and maybe you could include it in one of your columns. What do you think? Shelly in Coppell Dear Shelly: You know how sometimes when you’re on the internet you get a message that says, “Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and must shut down”? And then a dialog box asks you if you want Microsoft to send you an error report? And you always hit “Don’t Send” because there’s nothing in the report you care to read? Well, don’t send me your race report. Spareribs
      I guess I have to clean my screen now...thanks Mr. Ribs...
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        You are so right lyndenrunner! My computer is toast these days. Thanks Spareribs! Time to ask Steven Jobs to design the humor proof Mac that withstands all manner of outbursts. CNY's early for some UI (unintended innuendo) I see that emoticon below! Big grin
          Shocked Not once did Charlene mention what race she was training for. What color is her car??? Did the other woman's shoes fit her and what was in her purse???? It's a shameful thing for her to waste your time.


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            You need to get back to running, Ribs. You've definitely got too much time on your hands these days. Big grin

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              Classic! This stuff needs to be archived somewhere. Maybe you could start a new group here at RA called "Ask Ribs". The doctor is in. 5 cents please.

                Big grin x 10 This started my day off! Marvelous. I will now go get a paper towel - I'm sure my keyboard needed cleaning anyway. At least it wasn't a sugary drink. Tea cleans up nicely.
                  Ribs, you need to forward this one to Click and Clack. They'd love the fuel pump theory. Wink
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                    I'm just so impressed with the guy who has the energy to hop into bed with a woman just after finishing a 20-mile marathon training run... Big grin

                    Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                      Classic! This stuff needs to be archived somewhere. Maybe you could start a new group here at RA called "Ask Ribs". The doctor is in. 5 cents please.
                      Hmm, maybe Mustang Sally will help you put these on the wiki?

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                        Oh, I get it. Charlene's car is almost surely fuel injected so no carbuerator. That's a good one Ribs! Ray
                          These are great Ribs! and now I know you will have no interest in reading my first marathon report - unless it's strictly about hottub parties and losing shirts.


                            What a hoot!
                            Quit being so damn serious! When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. "Ya just gotta let it go." OM