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Happy Friday 9-14 (Read 402 times)

     go Holly and Erika, go 


    No running for me all this week due to the dangereous air looks like it will be the way it is for a while...if I want to breath good air I need to drive for two days Sad


    Meanwhile I am keeping track of my  Rosie Ruiz relay teammates via glympse and chat (now I am very, very sad I did not go to join them since I can hardly do anything here, except stay inside and fight for every breath I take). The team is doing great and according to the last glympse invite I received from twocat, the team is at least 4 minutes ahead of schedule!


    go Starrunner go 

    "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

    Bushrat Runner

      Yay Equinox runners!


      My hunting partner had to work we're leaving to chase moose in the morning. Strange how even with an entire day to work on getting ready that I didn't expect to have, I am still not ready. And my daughter didn't want to go with DW and DS to craft night, she wanted to go for a flight, so we headed over and took photos of the river where we'll be hunting the next few days. Took us 20 minutes to fly to our camp site...but of course we had no way to land there. Tomorrow it will take us 4 hours to arrive at the same location by boat. But we'll be able to go most everywhere in the river.


      Happy Friday everyone.

        Had a fun dinner with Kevin (EquinoxMarathon43) and Holly, DH, DS2 and me. I made mushroom risotto (my favorite pre-race dinner) and DH grilled chicken, mushrooms and peppers on the charcoal grill. Yum.


        Holly and I had a great time today checking out local stuff and visiting my dad. Saw the UAF reindeer running laps around their pens (I've never seen them do that before), checked out the muskox (they were far away on the hill), and walked part of mile 5/6 on the rooty trail past the muskox farm. Then after we went shopping and had lunch, we headed up Ester Dome to the top so Holly could see the area. I wish it was less cloudy because some of the view was a bit obscured. Then DH dropped us off at the hill by mile 13/17, and we ran/walked down to almost mile 20, where DH was waiting to pick us up. This included "The Chute," which I really wanted her to see/experience before race day.


        We continued on down the aspen trail, frequently called their "favorite part of the race" by many past runners. Holly asked when we'd have some flat or uphill and I had to tell her this was the downhill part of the course. We spend much of the first half going uphill, this was the reward! Concerned about her quads the day before the race, we went slow and walked part of it to finish 2.85 miles in 37 minutes. What a beautiful day! It'll be chilly tomorrow at the start, but no rain expected and should be low 50's by the time we finish.

        Bushrat Runner

          Alagnak River photos from a quick flight with my daughter when we should have been packing for the hunting trip. But these photos are the actual stretch of river we'll be hunting...