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Shall we keep the party going? - Sunday, 6.9.13 Daily (Read 40 times)

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    No, tomwhite, I did not know you had a goat...

    mustang sally

    Bad faerie

      I hate all bikers, but that's just me.


      Fabulous afternoon of mountain biking with my son and a friend.  I keep falling down a lot, but I come out of there smiling every time.

        Yeah, I was wondering about Marj and Mustang Sally's responses to Ribs' statement. Slo, too. And others. Heh, he's a rabble rouser.


        Nice HM for tselbs, way to make your goal!


        Enkie, I hate dealing with the phone company. Unfortunately for us, it's also our cable and internet provider so we get to talk to them about several things.


        Tomwhite has goats? and Twocat has turtles? Hmmm, interesting place around here.


        I ran 8.5 yesterday, and 11.5 today. In between, we drove down to Denali Park last night for a fun evening with a gourmet dinner and yummy wines, hosted by our favorite restaurant. We stayed overnight in one of the cabins there, and drove back this afternoon. It's a 2 hour drive each way, and the weather today was really nice. Seems like a long time since we've done something like that since we don't go to soccer tournaments in Anchorage anymore. Saw a momma moose with two babies today. They were adorable but the momma was so skinny! This was a long and hard winter, and it took its toll on everyone!