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    Well run you Boston masters!

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      Just a little late, but I realized that we didn't have Ileney's number to track--hope she did well, too.



      If I remember her irl name correctly, Ilene ran 4:49:51.



        If I remember her irl name correctly, Ilene ran 4:49:51.


        Paul that's what I thought too, was trying to confirm, will take this at that.     wtg Ileney!!!!!!!

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          I sprained my ankle on an errant Fuel Belt flask at Mile 17! Gruesome photos to follow. I got my ankle taped up and hobbled in to Boston. What a joyful finish on this day, in this city, in this race!



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            Hermosaboy slinks in.


            Thank you all for the virtual cheering section!!!


            I suffered through the last half after starting exactly on pace through the first half.  I think our colder than normal Minnesota winter didn't prepare me for the weather today.


            Hermosaboy slinks out.

            And you can quote me as saying I was mis-quoted. Groucho Marx



              Hey all, thanks for the tracking! What an amazing day. Wish I'd been able to race today, but I'll content myself with a pacing plan well executed. Got a huge boost around M18 when I heard Meb won. Unbelievable. Also Boston #10, marathon #100 for me.

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                100 marathons!  Nice.

                  I love you guys!  Thanks for all the great cheer and seeing Henry and Marj in the closing miles was just fabulous!! There they were just when I needed them. I also saw Craig---ProFromDover at 19.9 with some magical water.


                  So sorry about the ankle Robin :-( and you a e amazing to get back out there and go for it. Not that I am surprised given your determination and strength.


                  I swung for the fences today and missed. I had my A, B and C goals in sight for awhile and then my quads and feet cramped from 18 on and I ran with my arms more than my legs. No regrets though. My third fastest Boston marathon and ninth there (53rd overall). No regrets. Being there on this historic day when we took back the streets and MEB WON makes me happy.


                  My new age group better watch out next year!


                  Thanks again friends! And for the record, I ran a 3:25:17

                    You guys really are AWESOME!!  It was a beautiful day out there today no matter what the finish times were....I was right where I wanted to be at the 1/2 then a few miles later the leg cramps kicked in something awful!!  I just tried to stay the course and walked as much as I needed to was either walk or hit the medical tent and I knew if I did, I would be done and that was not going to happen!!  Not today!!  I just kept smiling and did whatever it took to get through!!


                    Robin so sorry about the sprain   I met a few people from your team as I walked to the start line and no surprise they love you as much as we do!!

                    Aamos - congrats on your 2nd place AG - amazing!!


                    Congrats to all our runners and our AWESOME support crew here!! 


                      You masters runners are all amazing! I think it got a lot warmer than anyone was thinking it would, and that took a toll. Still, you all did awesome and we're all so proud of you and your runs today! Well done! Rest up and come back for more (later).

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                        Amy finished 2nd in her Age Group!  At Boston!




                        2nd AG in a race with over 36,000 people - WOW!


                        Great Job Masters Runners!  In spite of ankle sprains and leg cramps, you all finished in triumph - well done!  Way to take back Boston!

                        Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                          My new age group better watch out next year!


                          Thanks again friends! And for the record, I ran a 3:25:17


                          Oops sorry Karin.  Corrected it.  I'm actually surprised I didn't make more mistakes.  My keyboard fingers are sprained today.


                          Also, I updated the Tracking chart to include IleneForward's successful Boston Marathon experience.



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                            For the record, I finished in 4:46:56.  Sorry about not getting my bib number in ahead of time.  I even had negative splits.  No sprained ankle or AG award, but I did faint in a wheelchair after finishing.  I 1-hour stay in the medical tent gave me new appreciation for all the volunteers that make this event happen.


                            Thanks, Bill (and Mike).