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      <munch>>>>>>>>>> Hi Rosie! Tonight I managed to get my run in after our weekly Tuesday night meeting at my church. (Good stress reliever) I had the opportunity to run in the new gymnasium, just opened last night. I ran the first two miles dribbling a basketball for a warm up, then did an easy mile; then, b/c my program called for a fartlek workout, I did a mile where I ran 1/4 mile at tempo pace, 1/4 mile easy, repeat; then I did another mile dribbling a basketball. Total of 5 miles in just over 50 minutes - took a couple of water breaks, since it was about 45 degrees warmer than the weather outside that I've been running in all winter. I alternated directions every 10 laps, just in case. Nice to have a brand new gymnasium all to yourself. Smile (Gotta work on that lefthanded dribbling though. Roll eyes bty </munch>


        {{{Munch}}} Sounds like a wonderful event. Weather was about 70* and partly cloudy. Don't know why but I wore a l/s shirt. The utilikilt ran fine, a bit heavy, no real problem. I'll use it camping and follow with a longer run Sat. I also tried my Bite running sandals. Other than a nasty left shin splint the first 4 miles they seemed ok. They're muck lighter than a trail shoe. I ran-walked 7-8 miles. between HM and M+2:00 Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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          Nice picture of the utilikilt, JJJ! Ran 5.31 miles in Hermosa Beach at a medium pace. I would have liked to run it harder but I nearly got hit by a stupid kid biker on the Strand and lost pace there, and then had to break pace again to stop for some pokey out-of-towner bikers by the Manhattan Beach Pier. Other than that it was a nice cold run at night.
            shorts and t-shirts -- can't wait for those runs again erika - i can't believe how low those temps get - my kids would probably give me a hard time about what to wear too!! holly - that raccoon story is sad - early last fall i was out running on a beautiful day and saw a little chipmunk cross in front of me - i said oh hi little chippie - just before it was squished by the tires of a big truck - it was awful - put a damper on my run for sure munch - hope those markers come down for you JJJ - cool kilt love my 305 garmin!! SuperTuesday state for me - i made sure i voted!! cross-training day - 30 minutes arc trainor, 30 min abs/lower body machines, 30 minutes upper body machines and more abs..........did some of those plank exercises, but think it flared up PF - i dont have it real bad but certain things do aggravate it - bummer now working an extra 11p-7a shift then back again tomorrow night for a 12 hour night shift




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                On a related note it seems like SportTracks is on the verge of collapsing. Sad Version 1.3.x was pulled down from the web page. That is too bad since it works. It was replaced with version 2.0.x which does not. I left a few messages on the forum with my problems -- the most serious of which is that it will not import data from my Garmin of all things.
                That may (I hope) be a little pessimistic: I've been running 2.0 in beta since it was released in September, and the download failure (it bit me, too), is a one-off glitch. I haven't been able to get at my Windows box today to test, but I think Admin has already released a patch. Sorry you're having a tough go with 2.0. I've been delighted by all the new plug-in development going on.