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3.17.13 Sunday daily (Read 41 times)

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    Nice picture of the Seattle racers!

    Deez, congrats on  becoming a grandma!  An easy way to paste pictures of Maria is directly from facebook - no need to put them in photobucket first.

    Have fun in Dublin, Twocat!  Very cool to be there on St Paddy's Day.

    Stumpy - no worries, I walk up the steeper hills, too.

    Nice racing for Winejunky, and for Opie and MikeE yesterday.


    I took the dogs for an easy 5 miles today.  I checked almost every box in the weather section of the running log:  sunny/clear, partly cloudy, overcast, snow, and windy.   I'm happy it wasn't humid or raining.

    I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

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      Thanks the special gift Tetsujin!

      thanks to you enke and dive chief for getting me running today too.  While your concerns were swirling around inside, mine were all on the outside with other weekend needs starting to swirl me into the year’s fifth DNS.  Fortunately, I made it to the start in the nick-of-time and found you and divechief in your greenery right away.  \

      ps - it looks great around your waist too.
      After a 12:01m/m pace on the same course in a 15K two weeks ago, I was hoping to try to keep up with divechief and enke enogh to pull it back down into the 10m/m range,.  However, though we started out together at the very back of the 3,000-plus person Green Wave, the two of them running together like it was a walk in the part’d inexorable pull ahead on the one-mile long ascent from the Seattle Center to the Aurora Bridge.  (Seattle R’n’R route too). 
      They were running strong so it seemed odd at first that, every-once-in-a-while, all-at-once, without any apparent reason, they’d stop running and start walking.  It was even odder that they kept their necks twisted around looking back into the masses where I was as they continued walking up Aurora. Then it dawned on me that, each time, they’s were looking around see how I was doing.  They did it all the way to the finish. Shades of mama mariposai.
      Thanks enke and dive chief.  No wonder I love running so much.
      ps CONDIDENTIAL (DO NOT TELL OPIE): Just to see how close I might be to doing an Outstanding Opie with his Guinness-level new PR after eleven of running the same distance in various races, I checked my time in the 2003 St. Pat’s Dash.  Unfortunately, it was 25:46.  Just call me for a minus 11:05 Opposite Opie.

      However pace came out to 10:08 YIPPEE

        mari, I hope you're recovered from the asthma episode a couple of days back.  deez, great news about the new granddaughter.  jlynne, happy birthday to your son and grandson.  opie, great 8K race with PR.  Mike, fantastic 8K race with 1st OA and friend 4th OA in 5K.  jlynne, I'm glad to hear you got to run a bit.  winejunky, nice, speedy 15K race.  dive, nice picture of you with enke and tet at your St. Pat's race.


        Nice long runs for Doc Robins, Tramps, OM, Tammy, Twocat (in Dublin on St. Pat's day), deez, rondog, stumpy, and Holly.


        This morning, I did a 5K St. Pat's Day race in Bay City.  It was the 40th anniversary for the race and my 12th consecutive time to run it.  Usually they have both a 5K and an 8K but this year they only had the 5K.  My time was 28:10 for a 9:00 pace.  That's my best 5K in over a year.  I think I was 7/19 in my AG (65/69).  Results have not been posted but, before the race they announced there were over 5300 runners.  I don't know where I finished OA but there were at least a couple of people behind me.  I did a mile warmup and 1.9 miles after the race to give me 6 miles for the day.  Yesterday, I worked at the Expo handing out bibs and shirts.


        A good day and good runs for all.


          Was an inspiring thread of nice runs and races this place has been in t he last two day! You guys just plainly ROCK!!!

          and what is not to love about the "Seattle Green Racers"! How fun!

          Enkaphalin, JUST do IT!!! (the HM race). There are a lot of folks who has some RD experience here, we can help you!


          So Boston Bound Twocat is ready for Boston. That must be cool to run long all around Doublin. Sorry about the weather, but hey, you are ready for anything now!


          Wildchild, how did your last LR go this weekend? When is your 50k?


          How great is to see the VinoKing around here!


          Tselbs, great racing for you! Thanks for asking about the allergies. I am still dealing with it. I was not able to run much this weekend, just a slowwww almost walking pace 3 miler today because it is 69 and the sun is bright.


          Opie, nice looking PR there. Tamster, way to go with that speedy 18 miler!!!


          Hurrahh, Jlynne was able to run a little today, hey there are days that all you can do is that. We got to celebrate every step we are able to make! What a gilt!

          "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard


            Busy day here in the forum.


            Nice racing with first place finishes, new PRs and fast times.


            Great Seattle pick too and where did you get the green kicks Tet.


            Enjoy the Emerald Isle Twocat. Very nice.


            Spent the weekend with some old friends at a lodge in KY. Not another soul in sight and very quiet. Great place to get some decent runs and catch up with friends. We need more weekends like that. So we decided to have the kids along next time. That will make for 16 people. We better find a big lodge.


            Happy St. Patrick Day to all and enjoy a pint (of something) with friends.



            "He conquers who endures" - Persius
            "Every workout should have a purpose. Every purpose should link back to achieving a training objective." - Spaniel


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              Great Seattle pick too and where did you get the green kicks Tet.

              these kind of races sure are fun.  I should have found a pair of green shoes as I was way up on my tiptoes as it was. One of the top five elites entered his first name as O'Eric.  It's been a discouraging year so far but I think I'm high enough carry into next weekends Mercer

              Island Half Marathon.


              Maybe some tonight though but, well, now that is is over, the radio and my aol pages are full of the beautiful northern lights from last night.  There might be some more tonight, reaching all the way down to Maryland.  We used to x-c ski under  'em in those days.  I bet they're good in  erika-land and maybe rhoon-land too.


              March 17, 2013 aurora photographed by Chris Schuler in Ft. Yukon, Alaska.  David Schuler wrote in his beautiful blog Gwichyaa Zhee,

              March 17, 2013 aurora photographed by Chris Schuler in Ft. Yukon, Alaska. David Schuler wrote in his awesome blog Gwichyaa Zhee,

              MM#209 / JapanJoyful#803

                This morning, I did a 5K St. Pat's Day race in Bay City.  It was the 40th anniversary for the race and my 12th consecutive time to run it.  My time was 28:10 for a 9:00 pace.  That's my best 5K in over a year.  I think I was 7/19 in my AG (65/69). 

                Dear TomS - congratulations on  your Opie getting faster as you get older.

                9:00m/m is fantastic in our AG.  Mine are long gone but you're looking like many more years to come.

                .No particular rason but do how do yours compare to 11 years ago too?

                  Although I may be built like one, I am no yardstick.  Tom, that is a huge 5k and congrats on your race and on volunteering beforehand!

                  "We are going to relentlessly chase perfection, knowing full well we will not catch it, because nothing is perfect.  But we are going to relentlessly chase it, because in the process we will catch excellence.  I am not remotely interested in just being good."  Vince Lombardi


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                    Happy St. Paddy's Day Everyone !!!    I am Irish through and through and have the stubborness to prove it!


                    No run today just work.... wearing my lucky green shamrock light-up earrings!


                    Mike WOW!! - huge congrats on 1st OA!!  And you were worried?


                    Hi Twocat !!  ...Nice 22 miler in the crazy weather!   Someday I would love to see Dublin!


                    Deeze - sweet 20 and I can't wait to see baby pic's!


                    Great Seattle pic! -

                        Tet - Most excellent race, congrats on your pace!   I LOVE your green feet!  Is your chip attached to your big toe?

                        Enke - I'm glad the race was fun, and YES I think your HM race would be beautiful!!  Do it !!!


                    TomS - Super congrats on your best 5 K in a year!   That has to feel great!


                    Night All,


                      Hey, I can post after Arf!


                      Cool racing for the Seattle contingent! Always love Tet's green feet...


                      Nice 20 miler there, Denise. You're doing greta! You gonna post baby pictures here for those of us who don't do the FB thing?


                      11.2 miles today for me. I was thinking it'd be nice to do more than 12, to get more miles on my "long run" than last week, but at the 11 mile mark it was either run more dry pavement back and forth with the screw shoes, or try to run on that icy crap that's all over the place. I said I was done. Gives me 41+ miles for the week which is on track for the 41 mile average I need to keep this year to catch that damn 2,000 mile pace bunny. Temps were cooler than the last few days but the wind was virtually non-existent so it wasn't bad at all temperature wise (about 15° ).

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                        Ran St Patrick's day dash with Enke, Tet, and 17,000 of my closest friends.   This is always a hard one to work through the crowds but we had a partly sunny 45° day for the festivities.


                        Divechief, Tet and Enke

                        Looks like fun!

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