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    Been reading the reports on kick and what a great group of people. Looks like everyone had a blast and also lets not forget how well you did as far as the race. I seem to get the impression that that part maybe wasn't as important as the friendship and sportsmanship. A easy 4.1 miles for me tonight. First 2 around 10 mm and the last two at about 8.5 mm for 37:15 total. I am having a hard time figuring what to do on these short days. Higdon says to run at a comfortable pace Confused Is that a comfortable slow or fast pace? Fast or slow everone have great runs

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      Decided to get my run in early before the ice pellets arrive ... the next 24 hours look very 'iffy'. Feet in the ice bucket as I type this. 9.1 miles ... 1:24:12 ...pace 9:14 ... 146 ave hr. w/u - 3.0 mi @ 9:54 ez pace tempo - 3.0 mi @ 7:52 pace @ 156 hr c/d - 3.1 mi @ 9:55 ez pace Have a great evening! PJ
        Was to have been at a class at this point, but I cancelled due to the crud. Sinus infection seemed to have dropped down to my chest this morning - usually a sign that I'm getting better - but now I'm just all-around miserable. The thing that's making me the most miserable is that tomorrow marks 2 years since I started running and I'll be lucky if I get to celebrate by even doing what I did that first day - walking for 30 minutes. At least I know that once I do get over the crud I'll be able to run farther than I could then. Smile OK, enough whining. This too shall pass. It was in the 60s here today and the sun was up before I left the house - both wonderful things. My classes all went well today. The kids were really quite awesome and that is truly a wonderful thing amid the pre-half-day and pre-spring break chaos at both of my schools. Life is indeed good, even if my running is pretty miserable at the moment. btb - have had the orthotics for about 4 weeks. Due for a check-in with the podiatrist on Monday, and he's going to get an earful! LOL Tried to wear them at school today and couldn't manage even one 45-minute class. Hey, prednisone really throws me for a loop. Bounce off walls then crash big-time. Be careful with that stuff! Greta runs today. You guys really inspire me. Smile Eliz


          4.72 miles after work today. Raced home to get out on the trails before the rains come! Happy evening, everyone! Chris
            nice runs and such to all! 6 easy miles for me 9:59 pace.
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              Evening all, A nice evening here for 5.5 miles @ 9:00/mile pace. Paul

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                very late post of an early run. Good runs for everyone else. Ended up with less time and a shorter run than expected. Walked out the front door to start and noticed that DS's car (ours, on what seems to be permanent loan Roll eyes ) didn't look quite right. turns out that he put in washer fluid and didn't get the hood latched all the way. It now has a folded hood and a windshield with lots of cracks Shocked fortunately no other damage done to him or others, so not a huge deal. Asked why he didn't let us know when he got home, said "didn't want to bother you , and besides, there wasn't anything for you to do" he actually has a point, although being a parent, you sort of like to know about these things when they happen. And he got it towed home using his AAA card like he was supposed to. Short run again, with shins still acting up a little. I think I need to do more research on how to get rid of this. Great relay thread to all you desert rats.... sure sounded like fun. Kevin

                Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


                  Managed to squeeze in 3.2 miles this morning in between meetings and work. I am just hammered this week at work and am struggling with trying to schedule all of my running in. On the positive side, I'm making money! Great to read everyone's reports today. BTB - I'd like to do some solar stuff some day. Are you using batteries for energy storage or just selling to the utility and using from them on demand?
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                    Erika, I think its funny that you don't like to go round and round on a track, but you'll run in place on a treadmill? Big grin I'll take the track any day! Today I wussed out on running outside because of the wind, and opted for 4 miles on the indoor track at the rec center after work. Felt good, avg pace 9:50. You Ragnar relayers rock! I really enjoyed reading your report at kickrunner. Have to go look at the youtube videos now, as they are blocked at work.

                    I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

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                      four miles in first midweek run since last summer getting lots of incentive to end winter taper early this year from sunshine, first cherry blossoms, light until 6pm, feelin' sorry for mari sicki, to say nothing of upcoming 3-goddess half mary this weekend.

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                        3.2 mile warm-up loop 2 mile TT 1 mile cool down on the track. The time's coming down. 13:33 tonight (down 13 seconds from last month) and I felt like I was just purely cruising. A guy in my group did it to me again, though. Last TT he hung on my heels, drafting off of me until the finish and got me by 2 seconds. Tonight I felt him again and looked over my shoulder. I was hugging the curve and heard someone just behind me. Sure enough, he was just there, right behind me, hugging the inside even more than I. Last lap I egged him on, "Come on Mr. X. I'll take you on." hehe. He surged forward with all he had the final 200 meters. I just didn't have the extra charge and didn't want to do anything stoopid. Damn if he didn't get me by 2 seconds again! Next month, he's going DOWN!! Cool The group record broke tonight. 10:16 by a younger whippersnapper. Yowza!
                          Soundie, I noticed tonight that I felt fast and strong on the hills... something about the relay perhaps? I did a not unusual route from work to avoid the hills around home. Still had the big train overpass to climb, but it almost felt easy! I did have some lingering tightness/soreness in my right shin...don't know what that's all about but it feels ok now. 6.5 miles, most of them in the 8:20 to 8:35 range. Because I was late out of the office I ran at peak traffic, so had to climb up the overpass over the four-lane road. The miles with the overpass were around 9.... oh well. Wildchild, I can't do a track here anyway, they're covered in snow. But running in circles just drives me nuts. Yes, I'd rather do the treadmill. Odd? Maybe, but I know others like me so I'm not a total freak in that regard! (maybe others?) Thanks for the comments on the relay, everyone. It was a blast and a really great test of what I felt I could do. Hi Tetsujin! I have missed you over the winter! Hope I get to run with you (ok, run a race you are also entered in?) this year!!!!