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Friday's Daily - 7.12.13 (Read 38 times)

    Looking forward to the Tunnel meet up and short run.


    Mike E - I got a gallon of the golden draft liquid for the post race get together, so your beer is covered.  That should help you recover from the tunnel bats, rats and other crawly stuff.


    Now what to do Saturday for dinner??

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      I'm so sorry I won't be there.  I would gladly share my home brew with the gang if I were off work,  but since I can't be there I guess it doesn't matter how many bottles of home brew I don't have ready.


      Wildchild,  did I briefly meet a few years ago?  When Amos,  Srlopez and I ran the Estes park marathon a few years ago I know I briefly met a Colorado cool runner.


      MikeE  I was looking at your maniac stats the other day.  We have run a marathon together.  (though you probably left by the time we finished.  I also ran the Swan Lake Marathon in 2009.  I really hope you enjoy this corner of the country.  sorry about your car, and if you are reading this, You probably had a save flight.


      night folks.  back to work in about 7 hours




        Soooooo excited about the weekend. I had the awesome privilege of running with the speedy twocat today. BTW, I still pinch myself by the hour to make sure that he is really here and all this fun we having with him is not a dream!. I am still in shock about my birthday surprise!


        Just 3.5 miles, which seemed harder that it should have been. Yeap, the Posie family and other son sure are enjoying having twocat here and cooking for us. What a gentle fun loving soul he is!

        Ohhh and he is an awesome log hopper too.Big grin!!!!


        Off we travel to Seattle tomorrow afternoon.

        "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

          Have fun you guys. MikeE, chill out, if you're there the hard part is over right?


          i took the day off work and got a lot of errands and just "stuff" done. Feels good and even got a haircut this afternoon. All ready for the 8k race tomorrow morning, and then more puttering around the house and garden. I'm taking Monday off too because if I dontalk start taking more leave I'll lose it in January. I think I still have a 52 hour leave "problem," but I think we can figure out a solution for that.


          Ran 7.1 miles today right before I had to zip off to my haircut appt.

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            I am not there...the hard part is coming...very soon...and it's storming here...I should have taken a train...

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              Not that I:m so bummed out about missing what:will be the best LATEOTT Marathon ever or anything like that but I don`t care anyway if it`s 94 degrees and full humidity over here (just like for the one with mikemp in July 2009)´╝Ämaybe I can set a new PB PW practicing balance, etc. tomorrow in the tengu mountaineering geta (that I`ve been trying to get to the top of Mt. Fuji in for the last two years) when the Japan 100-Marathon Joyful Running Club has another of their biweekely marathons around the Imperial Palace.  Oh, it`s already tomorrow and I already did. oh well.

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                So...tet...did you do a marathon, yesterday...or today...or climb Mt. Fuji?  I was really looking forward to meeting you to hear how you speak in real life...


                dive!  Dang!  We missed each other at Swan Lake?  That was a fun one.  I went with Ryan right after he graduated from HS--he ran a shorter race.  Then we continued out east and backpacked in the Black Hills.  We had a great time.  Sorry I missed you...again...


                Okay--I gotta go--I'm trying to figure out how to print out my dang ticket...for the airplane I have to board in a couple the storm...have I ever told you how much I hate turbulence?