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    LameRunner, I have tried Yoga but really didn’t care for it. I wish I was more flexible and thought it would help. I don’t like doing exercises on the floor at all.  My shoes last a lot longer that all the rest of you, that's one plus for low mileage, I have a new pair in the closet that is a reward for the last five pounds I lost.


    Well it actually quit raining at 5pm so I got my duds on and headed out into that Good Wind of the North and ran the lake.  I was thinking about thankfulness, and what motivates me to run. Tonight I was thankful that it stopped raining, that we did not get severe storms with the rain and that it was above freezing. My motivation to run was 1) it is the last day of the month to record miles; 2) it is 32 days to my half; 3) I needed to do a tempo run.


    I set the Garmin pace buddy to 13:34 pace and figured I could beat that. I have done the lake (4.7 miles) only 5 times this year and only once at that pace.  I really am the slowest runner on the planet. Anyway, I think I did OK with the pacing starting with 12:31 for the first mile, the best ever this year. Then someone actually stopped me to ask for directions to KFC?  Really? Being Minnesota nice, I actually directed him the right way. Now I get to mile 4 and realize I could possible break an hour for this route. I gave it my best shot but came in at 1:00:34.  From now on everyone can deduct 34 seconds for giving directions to lost drivers without smartphones.

      Dave59 my DW did the Gallow walk thing at her HM and did great.  I bet you do too.


      fatozzig oh I so wish we had your weather!


      Holly S. you never know, race day with all the adrenalin you might be faster than you think.


      TammyinGP thank you for the Spareribs update.


      AamosY so how much did I win on our bet?  Send the check to . . . 


      tselbs need rain?  Come here!  It is pouring, pouring, pouring!


      StarrRuns maybe you should see somebody about that thing you have regarding weather, running and personal happiness.  


      C-R no problem with finding hills in New England!  My real challenge is finding routes that are not too hilly.


      lamerunner you went out today!    If your wather was anything like ours it was pouring out!


      Jlynne just be glad you are not me.  I, alas, cannot drink coffee since it makes me ill for the rest of the day.  


      evanflein and you went outside for run because . . . 


      SteveP so how is that smile of yours doing?


      tomwhite such is life, one crisis after another!


      wildchild I can never fathom how you run your runs on the routes you run.  Those elevation gains look tougher than nails.


      It was pouring out today.  Pouring, like Noah's ark level pouring.  All day!  My poor DW got soaked on her walk from the office to the train station.  I go to a garage under my building so that was not a problem.  Still driving home was a challenge.  More rain scheduled for tomorrow!  My DW was worried our basement would get flooded.  Fortunately, we had it waterproofed from the outside (i.e. plastic barrier) and that seems to have saved us.  Whew!


      On to running:  I woke up, looked outside and headed to the TM.  My goal was 6 miles and that is what I did.  Since the Cincinnati marathon is pretty hilly I put the TM on a program that included various elevation changes.  Non-stop from start to end and felt fine!  One more run on Friday and then it is marathon day for the next one!

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        Hello everybody!  This has to be quick--I should be sleeping in 15 minutes.


        Thanks for the update on Ribs.  I'm sure they're doing everything they can to get him the heck out of there.


        My run: 2 mile warm up in 16:09.  10 mile tempo in 1:06:55.  2 mile cool down in 16:17.  Total: 14 miles in 1:39:21.  It was weird to check the weather before heading out and see the wind at 12 mph and think..."Oh, that's not bad."


        Okay--it's bedtime--see ya!

          Twocat must have be working with research coding...he had time to post.

          MikeE, when is your next marathon?


          Speaking of marathons, I can't wait for this weekend...

          You guys know what I mean...the excuse is that I have to run 26.2 miles so I can hang out with my RA family.

          Life is so good.


          Bag is already packed....

          now the chore of choosing which butterfly wing is coming with me.


          Ribs, we love you!

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            Hope Ribs is having a better night tonight.


            Is Ave of the Giants this weekend? Really? Wow, I thought it was later in the month. Sounds like it's going to be a fun gathering!


            Got our carpets cleaned today. It's been a few years since we did that and wow... the water they poured out of the cleaner was almost black. Yuk! Feels like a new carpet in here now! I took the afternoon off for that home care project, and they were running late. So I started my run from DH's office, then we came home after that. 6.7 miles, GA pace but a couple of the miles by the river were almost (not quite) tempo paced. Felt more or less easy for most of it, but it's a pretty flat course. River is still pretty high, and a lot of the ducks are gone. They'll be back, they just have more places to go now with the snow and ice gone.

              i also found out the power is going to be off at work on that weekend, so I don't have to work and couldn't if I wanted to.


              make sure there isn't anything toxic in the company refrigerator over that weekend.


              Thanks for the update Tammy



                Staying up 'til 9:00 is like freaking late.  



              You're a wild one.



                You're a wild one.


                  Sad, but true ~

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                    Sad, but true ~


                  Hey, I am right there with you.  I turn into a pumpkin at 10pm...

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