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Over 50 is every other day running enough for health (Read 338 times)


    As a 67 yo female, I'd only add you might want to run by time and variety rather than distance.  You know your approximate pace, does it matter if you run 9, 9.5, 10, or 10.5 miles - probably not.  I run mostly by time trying for quality workouts, so some are hills, some fast ( for me), but most importantly they are enjoyable.  We are lucky in the variation that we have in our urban area, but it allows for good health and runs.



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      Thanks for all the information. I have been thinking about it and I may try to build up to 4-5 days

      a week. I  would like to get to 30 mpw by June or July.

      I am going to run both days this weekend and see how my knee does.

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