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Sat 26 th Jan Daily Thread (Read 534 times)

Trails are hard!

    no run today, but Max and I just got back from a nice stroll along the lake. Good runs for Eliz and teresa (among others) Keep up the good work Smile Fran--good to see you're still around and fast. How long until pitchers and catchers report? Only about a month, I think? It always seems like a long dark 3 weeks between the Super Bowl and then. Kevin

    Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.



      No run again for me today either. My back was so bad yesterday that I couldn't go to work and went to see another chiro instead. She was the only one available and wouldn't take co-pay. But today, I feel remarkably better and may even give the back a try tomorrow. I was shooting for a LR of 13 or so today but will shy away from that and go long next weekend. So there goes the 20 miler the third week in Feb. Chris

        Many long runs today.Marj and I both ran the Charles at different times. I always wait till it 'warms up'. She's always eager to get it over with. We both went long. I did 15-longest in about 1 1/2 years. Temp was close to 30 and the sun was bright. This being New England saw several runners in shorts and T's. Not I Surprised. College hockey tonight.


          Great Job Teresa. Perch, looks like you're already ready for Boston. What are you going to do with all the time on your hands until then Big grin I did some XT, and hit the rail trail for 16. Every two miles I'd bump the pace out of recovery zone. Like a mile of MP, .5 mile of HM P, .25 of 10k pace, down to .13 mile of 5k pace. It certainly kept me on me toes without wearing me down so much. Have a good day, JJJ
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            Evening. Bloody Hell, I've been asleep all day. Easy 4 miler this morning in preparation for a non-competitive half-marathon tomorrow. It will be my longest run for some time so in order to control my enthusiasm, I agreed to pace some slower runners.

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              It was my big challenge today - 6 miles. I've never gone that far before...
              Ain't it great when you accomplish your goal? Congrats I've had a couple lousy runs this last week. On Tuesday and Thursday,after perhaps a mile my legs were really tired and it seemed I couldn't get enough oxygen. I think I had some chest congestion that wasn't really apparent until I ran. Hopefully that's all it was. My 6 miles today however was great except for my knee pain (L) and shin splint (R). I need new shoes and unfortunately, the Herman Munster shoes (NB1123) I need aren't available in my size right now and won't be available until February 8. Arrrgh. Angry

                7.8 miles for me today. Got started late, but there were lots of people over on the Duke Trail. Perfect weather and company....I was all by myself!!

                  thanks, Deb. assorted exercises sounds like housework...ha. Smile
                  ha. Smile
                  dg I hope you meant the pancakes!
                  Sarge, of course that's what I meant. Wink
                  Wherever I go, wimmen say "Yum" and wish they could get some. It's a heavy burden, this hunted and joyless existence, but I don't like to complain.
                  Tongue Roll eyes Perch what a great run. I'm thinking back to how hard you worked to get over your PF... wtg! ... please tell me you didn't leave Tory at the bottom of that hill.

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                    This was my highest mileage week since last March, when I was in marathon training mode,
                    I did 15-longest in about 1 1/2 years.
                    Wow – you folks are really hot today – very nice running happening here. Charleygross – okay, if your name is Chris, who’s Charley Gross? Bummer about your back, my fren. Back pain is the pits. Hope that heals up for you quickly. BAP – good racing tomorrow! Fran – hello, hello…Smile

                    Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                      I ran a local 5K this morning. No official RR planned. It was pretty crowded as it is a community service/fundraiser for a local High School (BALTO - Bringing a Light to Others), so lots of high school kids both running and volunteering in it. It is also a series race for the OKC running club, so the fast runners in all age groups were there (ie. no chance of a cherry-picked race age group award ). Anyways, I got a 23:43 official time (23:40 according to my Garmin, it was hand timed, not chip-timed). Only 12 seconds off my PB and considering the course, I am quite pleased. Paul
                        7.5 miles on the treadmill at the club today... 4 at MP (or what I'd love my MP to be... 8:34), total of .75 miles walking before and after... most of that to Solarmix 8 while watching some horse racing on the TV. Then downstairs for 20 minutes of upper body work with the free weights and universal (for lat pulldowns)... Solarmix 2 for that. You know, I've never gotten more than halfway thru #2... prolly should've done that one for the running part, but didn't want to go "too" fast! Then took DS1 with me for some "combat" shopping at Safeway. When will I learn to not do the shopping on Saturday afternoon? Temps were -25... and the store was packed. The club was packed today, too. Don't these people know to stay home when it's so cold out?? Oh.. wait... I was out in it, too. Well, very good to get the kids out when it's this cold. They go into hibernation mode so easily... I think I need a run in the desert... Smile