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3-31 Sunday and and Elite 8 (Read 44 times)


    I'm not much of a basketball fan but what they hey since I've got to work the game today.


    Nicely done Wild. That first utlra is always a great memory and an AG to boot. Yeah.


    Excellent workout Mike E


    Got a short run today before we head off to church. Overcast. Dreary. But its 45 so I can run in shorts and long sleeves. Spring is finally here.


    Have a great day everyone.

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      Mornin' C-R and everyone.


      C-R, I've also got renauds, but I've found that a couple of pairs of good nylon (wind-stopper) mittens of different thicknesses let me go out in just about any weather. I had my lightweight mittens on this morning (29F), and my hands were not to warm, not too cold.


      Happy (belated) birthday, Denise! You had a good run to start of the day - I hope you finished it with some excellent celebrating!


      Congrats Wildchild - 3rd AG in your first 50K is downright impressive! Sorry about the quads, but that's just a temporary inconvenience while the memory of a terrific first 50K will stay with you for a long time.


      Mike, I'm with Starr and think you might want to leave your cell phone in the car or at home at certain events. Then you won't have to feel guilty about not answering a call from your boss.


      Henrun, we also went for a walk along the coast in North Hampton yesterday afternoon, and it was wonderful: A cool, crisp breeze coming off the ocean and the strong, warming sun. Great combination!


      After doing a lot of yard work yesterday afternoon, I was achy down the side of my right leg. It was still there when I got up this morning, but I decided to head out anyway. 29F (10 degrees cooler than yesterday morning - short Spring...), with a slight breeze from the NW and clear skies. It was pretty cool to see the 3/5 moon still high in the sky toward the west while the sun was climbing to the horizon to the east. I was going along a long stretch of beach just before sunrise, and at about 4-5 breaks in the seawall (where steps take people to the beach), different church groups were gathered for their Easter sunrise services. I thought it would have been both ecumenical and impressive if they all got together for one big service, but I'm not an organized religion kind of guy, so what do I know? I saw two friends heading to their particular break in the wall, and we chatted for a moment before I went on my way. I kept a steady pace up, but it was a bit of a challenge because of that persistent ache. I was pretty-well spent by mile 9, but went another 2.75 before I got home.


      For those who observe, I hope you have a wonderful Easter. And for the rest, I hope you have a wonderful day too!



      Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

        Yes, Wildchild rocks!!! The Columbia gorge is one of those places where my ashes will be sprinkled some day. Lovely area. I have a marathon planned there in the fall.


        Jay, you are one gifted person with words. Lovely description of your route! Take care of that ouchie!


        Well, I was going to take the day off from running (I am tapering you know), but my DH woke me up and invited me to go for a run. Three easy miles as we enjoyed the flowers in people's yards. My DH reminded me that three years today we ran his first run outside (he started running on the TM at the gym before that). Running sure has changed his life!


        May you have a joyful day, weather you celebrate Easter or not!.


        Take time to celebrate life!!!!!!!!!


        Ohhh, the Posie family is looking forward to having our own pilot, Troy and his son over today!  I plan to take Troy for a Kermel grade run tomorrow for memory sake for him Wink

        "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

          Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!!  Yesterday was a wonderful day - 14 mile run, baby love, 75 minute massage, early dinner with hubby and an absolutely beautiful Easter Vigil mass.....feeling very blessed right now!!


          Today - easy 3.5 mile run in 32:08  --- time to celebrate Easter at my sister's house.


          Have a wonderful day my friends!!Smile


            The Syracuse Orange are back in the Final Four after a 10 year absence. Go 'Cuse!  My high school indoor track practices used to be at Manley Field House back in the days pre-Carrier Dome and Louis Orr, Dale Shackleford, Roosevelt Bowie et al would be on the courts doing their amazing hoops thing while we high schoolers tried to focus on our workouts. I am not really a big Bball fan, but always cheer for SU!


            Sounds like a great meet up day Maraposai!


            Congratulations wildchild, Well done!


            Thinking about you lots Mike E.  Hang in there and the stories about Eric hit really, really close to home.


            I walked 2-4 miles each day this week (some on a hotel treadmill, some with Dr. J, and some with Hudson) and the ankle feels better and better. As tempted as I am to try a test run, I don't want to set myself back. One more week of walking and some pool stuff too. The core work continues.... Test run day April 8

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              Way to go Wild!


              Great memories for you CNY.


              Thanks for the mitten advice Jay.  We're done for this year but I will remember to seek your advice next cold season. This was tough on me.


              7 miles for me today, the first five just under MP and two slow.  Felt okay.


              Whole rib cage coming for dinner today.  Will be cooking most of day.  Spareribs

                Congrats Wildchild, nicely done!

                Yes the Columbia River Gorge was some wonderful hiking.

                Planning this years vacation to the Western Lakeshore of Michigan and then up to Mackinaw City for 2 days.


                Being born in the middle of the baby boomers has always made age group awards extra challenging and yesterday was a prime example.

                5k race I ran 23:23 right where I expected to be. Finished 29th OA, AG 6th would have had 2nd or 3rd in every other AG accept M 25-29 which had several recent ex-college runners. Actually would have won the 45-49 AG Confused but 10 years ago, when was in that AG,  I would have ran about 21:00 and  would not have won a AG award. My age group not only has many very good quality runners but a large quanity of runners.


                Nice 15k trail run this morning, I think I saw a record number of deer today, probably 25 or so. Started raining the last 1/2 mile, Spring is in the air.


                Time to start umpiring high school baseball tomorrow!


                Enjoy a wonderful Easter Sunday!

                Courage ! Do one brave thing today...then run like hell.


                  Congrats Wildchild!!!!

                  Denise - sounds like an awesome birthday!

                  Sarge - choose your races - it's the best way to assure AG placing at any age


                  Jay - I reduced raynauds issue by wearing silk tops - keeping my arms warm means my fingers aren't affected.


                  thank you boston runners - the port-o-potty at the johnny kelly statues was very handy this morning.  it's only there for a short time a few weeks b4 boston.  ran a wonderful 10 miles in spring weather


                  henry forgot to mention yesterday after our glorious walk on the beach, we ended having dinner/snack with my DD and 2 GK.  it's wonderful to see them for a short time w/o the long drive.  tomorrow we go back to kittery for more family time.


                  enjoy the day - marj

                    8 total miles to the Summit of Galbraith Mt. and down again on a glorious Easter Sunday morning...The sun was shining through the trees and when we got to the top you could see the fog laying in the valleys below...WOW!!!

                    Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

                      wild,good job with 3rd in AG in your ultra.  Sarge, nice, speedy,5K.


                      Nice long runs for Dave, Twocat, Tramps, deez, mari, C-R, Tammy, OM, Mike, Jay, and marj.


                      This morning, it was about 40 F and almost calm.  I got in 3 miles at an 11:18 pace.


                      A good day and good runs for all.


                      Marathon Maniac #957

                        My DH reminded me that three years today we ran his first run outside (he started running on the TM at the gym before that). Running sure has changed his life!



                        I love this! And I hope you have a wonderful visit withTroy and his DS.


                        Jay - watch that hip....


                        We were having a debate at the dinner table last night about whether the Easter Bunny was female or male, when DH said, "We all know it's your mom anyway."  DD ran from the room in tears...I went after her and hugged her and said, "Daddy's just mad because he never gets anything from the Easter Bunny."  At 10 years old, I've suspected for a while that she knows that there is no Easter Bunny or Santa, but she still wants to hold onto the dream, and I don't mind playing along.


                        We did have a scare when the dogs found my hiding place and ate 7-8oz of Cadbury chocolate eggs.  I didn't know which dog had done it, but suspected Daisy, and she being only 17 lbs I was worried about this much chocolate.  A call to the emergency vet, and I was told that it was not a toxic dose, but that there would be some tummy troubles.  A little while later I managed to step barefoot right in a pile of, well, you know.  Yuch.  However, both dogs are happy and well, and we are grateful.


                        15 miles for me today in 45-ish degrees and slight drizzle.  I ate a big lunch yesterday, and therefore almost no dinner, and I felt it this morning with a complete lack of energy on my run.  Poor planning on my part.  Still, great to be out without all the winter gear on.  Spring is coming.


                        Happy Easter!

                        Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

                        New skirt in town

                          CNY, you are such a paradigm of recovering well!  That's why you run so well.


                          Henry...I love that port-a-potty placement!  I wish they would maintain it year-round!


                 son and his cousin, Roman, are both inhabiting that strange gray area of belief and disbelief.  I think intellectually they *know* that there is no Easter Bunny, but they still hold on to that magical thinking.  I hope you set DH straight on maintaining the willing suspension of disbelief.


                          I ran 5.27 miles today, 1 of them with my son.  We're "in training" for a 1-mile race in May.  It's the same one that we ran last year, from which the photo of my skirt was taken!  It is run in honor of a young girl who died in a tragic skiing accident last winter.  Her father was an old inline skating friend of mine, who seems to have channeled his grief into some amazing running.  It's a wonderful family race, and such a great way to honor her memory.


                          This makes 249.4 miles this month!



                          NO  MO MELANOMA! Help me run 26.2 miles and raise $5000 for the Melanoma Foundation of NE.  Visit this page to learn more:

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                            Hello everybody!  Happy Easter!


                            Oh, man--I thought my workout, yesterday, was tough.  That was nothing compared to chasing after 16 grand kids.  I am wiped out!


                            So, I'm selling my truck.  My son-in-law is over taking pictures and getting ready to post it.  He come in and says, "Hey, did you know your license tabs are 11 months?"  So I looked through my pile of stuff, found the tabs, and put them on....then listened to DW lecture me on putting stuff off all the time.  I guess I deserved it this time.


                            Okay--I guess I'd better get back to the "party".

                            MM #5615

                              Oh...I almost forgot...what the heck are you talking Santa Clause or Easter Bunny?  I will not hear of such nonsense!

                                I wonder how that second giant hill was for Wildchild yesterday.  I guess just like a speed bump for her.


                                Holly, had kind of a similar thing with DD10 last year.  My fault, but gosh, I couldn't believe she hadn't figured it out (of course she suspected, but didn't want the truth).  Now that she "knows", this year, I didn't bother to hide eggs until the morning, after telling them to go in the bedroom for awhile.


                                62F, sunny, wow, felt like a summer run.  Lots of sweat.  4.5 miles of trails.  I wanted 5, but right at 4 miles I was suddenly knackered.  I suppose only getting 3.5 hours of sleep last night, only 6 hours the night before, caught up to me.  And I have to go into work for a few hours on this beautiful day  (ggrrrr), as I promised 2 people I'd set up for a big experiment tomorrow.  I just want a nap zzzz

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