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    Jets fan!  Bawahaha.  Ha ha ha!  Ha ha . . . Me too. Cry  Saddest thing in the world, a Jets fan . . .  Year after year . . . Sad

  could be a Vikings fan...


    I'm supposed to run 16 miles, today.  It's 66o and perfect conditions down in sunny Florida.  And I woke up with flu symptoms.  Very frustrating.


    I'll see what I can do...maybe after the Vikings game.

      Hi people.

      I got called into work on 1st shift this AM,and now I want to sit down and watch some football,so no running again today.

      No running yesterday too,but like I said running up sled hills and hiking (sometimes with my 5 year old on my shoulders),I don't feel too bad about missing yesterday.

      I'll do a long run tomorrow AM.

      Bears just won. Good! I'd rather see the Packers kick their butts in the playoffs than see the Vikings. Adrian Peterson scares me,the Bears don't.Big grin

      Go Seahawks! I love underdogs and Russell Wilson being a former Badger, I hope they go far into the playoffs.


        for those who need a laugh, dave barry in the washington post


          Vikings vs. Jets:  The sad sack bowl!


          Last year the Jets were in the Super Bowl:  1969 (won).Years since that the Vikings have been in it:  1970 (lost), 1974 (lost), 1975 (lost), 1977 (lost).


          Anybody wanna trade being a Vikings fan for a being a Jets fan?  Yea, the Jets have won one but the Vikings have been there way more often and somewhat more recently.


          If anybody wants even more pathetic I am also a California Golden Bears football fan.  Their last appearance in the Rose Bowl was 1959!  That was the year prior to my birth.  My fear is their next appearance will be the year after my death!  Sad

          Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

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            Thanks for the shout out  Ribs,


            I'm still running very slow and trying to shed some of my excess weight, but I could see myself running 1 or 2 marathons this year.I would also like to run the Ragnar Relay again and some local 5 and 10 K races.


            I'm sorry I don't have much time in the day to post on everyone's running...but I read all the posts in between assignments at work and on the weekends.


            I am totally humbled by all of you and your dedication to running...It's also great to see peeps that I was online with at Cool Running popping their heads in from time to time.


            I hope everyone is blessed with an injury free year next year and you accomplish all that you wish.


            From the West Coast...



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            MM #5615

              Vikings vs. Jets:  The sad sack bowl!


              Anybody wanna trade being a Vikings fan for a being a Jets fan?  Yea, the Jets have won one but the Vikings have been there way more often and somewhat more recently.


              Oh, don't take me wrong...I wouldn't trade teams with anybody.  I love my Vikings...they've just broken my heart many times over the years.


              Well, I drug my old sick butt off the couch and went for my run.  Normally, I would have run 4, turned around for 8, get a drink, and go out for the next 8.  Tonight, I knew that if I went back to the house, I'd never go back out, so I decided I'd go down the road for 8 and turn around--forcing myself to get way or another.  Well, somebody was looking out for me because my road ran into a dead end at 5.5.  Since I'm not familiar with the area, I went back to the house with 11 miles.  And I never even thought about going back out.  I am done!


              Okay--that's it.


                Late to post today. Some good long runs in the group. Nicely done. Jay ran! Oh my. Reminds me of a scene in Quigly Down Under where the hero says he never had much use for a revolver but didn't say he didn't know how to use one.


                Umm. I hate to break this to you fellas but I've been a Cubs fan for ages so you Jets and Vikings guys can come talk to me when it's been 105 years since your last big win.


                Volunteered at the Colts game today and was beat but decided to run anyway. Nice easy 7 and really helped work out the soreness from standing all day.


                One more day to get to those goals and we reset once again.



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                  There is an interesting commonality about California and the Vikings, a bizarre trivia question: the only player on an NCAA championship basketball team who also played in the Super Bowl.  Go for it twocat.


                  I have to hand it to the Vikings. what a great game they played. No matter what team you root for, give credit where credit is due. That was an outstanding game.


                  My 20 has caught up with me. I made a one dish dinner of farfalle, peas, chicken sausages and goat cheese with a side salad.  I doubt I'll stay awake til halftime of the Skins-Cowboys game.  Spareribs

                    Spareribs I would guess Joe Kapp but if it is him I honestly never knew he played basketball in college.


                    Highly recommended:  Follow the link to the article in mrrun's post.  While reading it I was laughing so much my DW asked me to read her various sections.


                    P.S. Forgot to mention the California Bears lost that 1959 Rose Bowl game.  I have no idea how far back you have to go to find one they actually won.

                    Live like you are dying not like you are afraid to die.

                    Drunken Irish Soda Bread and Irish Brown Bread this way -->

                      wow Twocat, you paint a pretty dismal picture of where your football fanhood lies. I'm not sure I'd even want to be a football fan in that case. Joking


                      for college, I'm an OSU Beavers fan.

                      for pro, I'm a Seahawks and Vikings fan (from MN originally).  My DS is a Seahawks fan also, but my DH, originally from the Bay area, is a 49er fan. diehard 49er. It could get REAL ugly here if the Hawks and Niners face each other. I might want to go for a very long run that day.


                      Speaking of running, I did that today! I ran 6.1 tough, challenging, sloppy wet miles of trails. Ran with the local meetup group that meets every other Sunday morning at these particular trails. Most are faster than I am, so thankfully Johnny was there also and we ran together. Ran about 3.1 with the group, then did another 3 miles on our own.


                      Bushrat Runner

                        Mornin' everyone.


                        Way too slippery for racewalkng on the freshly-plowed streets this morning, so I ran 4 miles instead. It was 23F with a slight westerly breeze. The skies overhead were pretty clear, but it was dark as blazes over the ocean as the last of last night's snow storm moved off to the east. I got grief from the newspaper delivery guy when we met at an intersection: "Did I see you running out there??" So I explained to him that I need better traction for racewalking than running, and couldn't do it on the snow without spending appreciable time on my butt. I could tell he didn't understand why one should be different from the other, but he let it rest. Got home, stretched, then put on some more clothes and headed back out for a snow-blower workout.


                        Enjoy your Sunday!  -  Jay


                        Funny to read somebody else like that...people think I'm nuts sometimes when it gets totally icy and crazy slick here, and I still go running. Every once in a while it gets so bad I put sheet metal screws in the bottom of my shoes. But mostly I just run. And I have found that even with normal walking, I have an easier time on slick surfaces running gingerly than I do walking..


                        But all the people that hide indoors all winter are always amazed I can run on the ice...


                        Which, by the way, I need to get out and do. I think we're going to have a resolution run Tuesday, and tomorrow I'm hoping to make it down for some swimming.