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    Leslie - what a horrible, horrible story. Do you have a link or other resources for MAT therapy? I found some stretches for the SI joint that are helping a teensy bit, but I know I need to strengthen the whole pelvic region. I was looking at my anatomy textbook that I teach out of (I only teach the surface musculature because it's a sophomore-level class), and it's amazing how many muscles are involved in hip stabilization. 


    More night-time running for me this coming week, we're still going to be in the triple digits. 

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      Arla - Check out this video.  This guy went to Fresno State.  There should be other videos along the right-hand side that you can watch.  As to how you find someone in your area, you'll probably have to do a Google search.  Also, try this site.  I don't know how far out from Fresno you would be willing to go, but click on the name (i.e., MAT Master Level Specialist).  I looked up Fresno for the first two and didn't find anything, but there may be a PT in your area who also does MAT work.


      5 great miles after church, then some yard work and car washing while The Hub continued his painting duties.  I'm really liking the color we chose!  Once it's done, I'll post before and after pics.  I'm going to have to reinvigorate some of my plants he's crushing, but their colors are bouncing off the house color quite nicely.


      Okay - Off to do more transcription ~

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