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The Thursday Daily, 9.13.12 (Read 389 times)

    Enjoy your trip Holly and please give a huge hug to Erika for me.


    Well, I am in the middle of canning some more marinera sauce, so I will have to come back to read the daily later. This has been a monster week at work for me, but I had a chance to go to the gym today after work and did some weights and core workout, wearing my Rosie Ruiz Team t-shirt from last year. I wish great fun to my RTB relay team. Sorry I could not be there to have fun with them this year.

    "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

      Crazy busy day at work today, but most of it was training a person to do a lot of my old job, so that will ultimately make my life easier so it's all good. But no time even for a walk at lunch...


      Picked up Holly after work and we went to pick up our bib numbers, and poke around the displays a little bit. This is the first year it's been billed as an "Expo," and it was pretty small and low key, but it's a start and I appreciate the effort that went into it. Then we picked up DH at his office, then came home to relax and have a really good dinner... tomorrow we'll just hang out and check out parts of the course.


      Nancy, our summer wasn't very good for gardens, but tonight we had broccoli and chicken in a divan-like sauce, instead I use curry powder instead of mustard. And we had purple potatotes ("all blues") to go with it. Yummy. We love this dish. Tomorrow I'll make a risotto for our easy to digest carbo loading dinner! 

      Bushrat Runner

        Work is always crazy right when you are trying to get away for anything...that's what I've noticed anyway...