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Saturday 5/4 or cinco de mayo - 1 (Read 39 times)

    I'm home from St. Louis as of last night, got a good night's sleep and headed over to the park to run this morning.  They were having a 5K there, so not wanting to bandit the race I waited until they started, then tucked in behind everyone just to see where the course went.  Caught up to a guy who looked to be in about my age group and told him I'd pace him in to win his age group.  He did, and that made my day!




    Ohhh Wiseone, this is just so like you...humble, caring and with a BIG old heart! I bet you the guy will keep on talking about this race for years to come!


    Good luck on your HM tomorrow, Gordon!


    and go Tamster go! I am so excited about Tammy's race! I think the Red Wood Forest  marathon will be on my list for next spring. I have waited too long to do this one...hint, hint marj and henrun.


    What a fun filled day we had today. We attended a wedding in the middle of orchards in blooms. We all got sun burned, but so happy for the couple. The wedding cake I made turn out to be a big hit and most importantly it survived the heat of the sun for a few hours...yeap...I was worried that by the time they decide to do cake the cake would have melted away...but it din't.

    After the wedding we came  home and my DH told me that we needed to carboload for our 12k race tomorrow (this is his farthest distance raced, so of course he needs to carboload) so I made homemade Sicilian meatballs, spaghetti noodles, asparagus, stir fry kale and shiitakee mushroom and salad. We are now well carboloaded for our family race tomorrow.


    Now off to bed. We will get up at 4am to drive the 3 hours to the race.

    "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

      Nothing wrong with crazy Gordon, just ask my dog.