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Choosing a doctor (Read 39 times)

    I'd be interested in your thoughts about choosing a new doctor.  Mine moved away and for whatever reason I just haven't been comfortable with the person they have made my primary "physician".  (She is actually a nurse practitioner.)  I still have have occasional strange sensations in my chest but after ruling out stomach/esophagus problems she doesn't seem to want to check anything else.  Odds are it is stress or just my hypochondria running wild but I'd like to at least talk it over with another doctor.  I thought this might be a good time to pick a new primary care doctor.

    Any ideas on general practice, family practice, or internal medicine specialties?  And then how to choose from a list of 30-70 who are in my plan?


    mta: When you actually start looking it isn't as confusing as I thought.  I found the differences between the family practice, general practice, and internal medicine.  And when I limit my search to doctors affiliated to my local hospital it limits the list pretty good.  Then I could look them up at the Aetna site and a generic site (  Brings me down to a list of about 5 to research more.

    And so it goes

      ...dave//.........Ask the Nurses...(if you know any)

      ..........they'll know EXACTLY who would be a good doctor for you.


      if not, see if any of your buddies knows any nurses.

      ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

      Trails are hard!

        Glad we could help, Dave.  Wink


        Actually, DW just picked a new primary and the list WAS rather intimidating until you narrowed the choices a bit.

        Need a fast half for late fall.  Then I need to actually train for it.


          Good call in switching. I like one that has similar fitness goals. Most of all he or she has to listen.