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Is it Thursday? And where is everyone? (Read 44 times)

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    Well said on the aging carp, Tom...and that was a nice 10 miler for you.


    It looks like pfriese is taking tapering lessons from wildchild....


    Oh...and it's still looking like 52 for a low and 75 for a high in North Bend on Sunday....just in case anybody was wondering...


    Okay--gotta go.

      Nice job on the negative split run today TomS - love those kind of runs!!


      I managed to get in a fairly long swim in between downpours here -- nausea/vertigo was a little better initially and I was able to swim more than twice the distance as the other day, but the feeling afterward was AWFUL still!!  Need to keep working on it -- looking into buying ginger capsules and maybe a visit to the chiropractor!!  I think I would fall off my bike the way I feel after these swims Sad