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Summery Friday Daily, 6.21.13 (Read 39 times)

Marathon Maniac #957

    Twocat - Happy Anniversary!


    Leslie - keeping my fingers crossed for you.


    Ribs - brag away, what a great son!


    No run for me today, just 45 minutes or thereabouts of weights and core.


    DD's team lost last night, so they didn't win the tournament, but they were first in the league.  Now we move into the All-Stars, with practice starting tomorrow morning.


    DD started her junior golf league this morning and found another girl her age.  She texted me at work to say, "I'm having so much fun!"  DH and I will play on our golf league tonight. DS will just be happy to have us all out of the house so he can have the X-Box.....Roll eyes


    Good luck to the racers this weekend!

    Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

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      don't worry goddess fairie extraordinaire, mine didn't become like rib's until he was in his xxx's.

      Happily, he was a little like yours too and did three IM's with me along the way.

      it was well worth the wait though.  It's like having a saint for a son.

      DD always was one.  Fortunately, those apples fell a long, long way away


      ps dave: do your remember when editing wouldn't bring it back to the top?

      However, I think it revealed how many times the inept had to edit.

      it's already seven or eight times, if not more, for this one. Roll eyes


      ps enke: just arriving this morning from humidity so 100% they called it a "rainy season,"

      somehow Seattle seems so refeshingly cool.

      Did you have humidity in your Canada days like our East coast contingent?

      annual marathons since 1977, tri's since 1978,

      ultras since 1986,  running barefoot since 1990

        Leslie, hang in there, the right job will come along I'm sure. And Tracy's as in Tracy's Racing. She puts on several races in the area, and they all seem pretty low key and inexpensive, with the focus on having fun and running races for the fun of it vs. real competitive.


        Ribs, that boy of yours is becoming a very nice young man. And yeah, it's fun to see. Still waiting at times for mine to come around, but seeing more and more signs of maturity.


        June is certainly a month for anniversaries! Happy anniversary to the Twocats. Ours is coming up on Monday.


        We've been having such a stretch of hot dry weather, and today is cool, grey and wet. Sort of amazing how that changed so fast. But, it's supposed to get nice again this weekend, and more hot temperatures coming next week. And by cool today, I mean mid-60's, and hot next week is low 90's.


        Did the pin-under-the-toenail thing last night to drain stuff out from under three toenails. I think I'm going to lose at least two of them, but it sure felt good to relieve the pressure on them. Kind of icky to do that, but I'm always surprised a bit that it doesn't hurt. Seems counter-intuitive, ya know? Running hills doesn't usually bother me, but running those paved hills in San Francisco really took a toll on the ol' toes.

        Maniac 505

          Erika: I'm surprised you have any toe nails left.  I only have my two biggest.


          Mari:  good thing you switched from Banff to NODM.  Banff was canceled today due to flooding.  Sketchy news reports indicate downtown Calgary under several feet of water,  major roads between Calgary and Banff washed out.  lots of communities flooded and lots of houses washed away.  I'm pretty sure Arf's house is OK.

          MM #5615


            June is certainly a month for anniversaries! Happy anniversary to the Twocats. Ours is coming up on Monday.



            Yep, ours is on Tuesday.


            tomwhite--I was reading through the dailys and started laughing after reading your post.  DW gave me an odd look and asked me what was so funny.  I said, "This guy on RunningAhead just cracks me up."  She just shook her head and said, "You're weird."


            Good luck to all the racers this weekend.  I hope arf is okay.


            I wish I had your confidence, Leslie.  I'm sure you'll find a great job and be great at it.


            Okay--that's it for me, tonight.  See ya!