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The Friday Daily. 8.24.12 (Read 359 times)

    Twocat, we have a similar thing going down here.  I am helping my boss with a paper that has 5 principal investigators on it.  She refuses to talk to one of them, another one comes into her office to try to write the paper and they ALWAYS end up with raised voices, hurling insults at each other...  It's crazy.  And no one understands the expertise of the other groups so no one is taking charge in pulling the whole thing together.  Well, the person that is supposed to do it is a complete idiot if you ask me.  It is frustrating to watch.

    "During a marathon, I run about two-thirds of the time. That's plenty." - Margaret Davis, 85 Ed Whitlock regarding his 2:54:48 marathon at age 73, "That was a good day. It was never a struggle."

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      twocat...there is only one bear...but he was impressive...unlike my performance...

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        Hey!  Good luck to all the racers, this weekend!


        08/24-25 Dove - Hood to Coast Relay, Seaside, OR

        08/25 Dave59 - Crim 10-mile, Flint, MI

        08/25 evanflein - Golden Heart Trail Run 5k

        08/25 pfriese - 5K to Monet, Edmond OK

        08/26 Ileneforward - USATF-SC Road Mile, El Toro CA


        I'll be going to support my DD in her very first half marathon on Sunday.


        Okay--that's all I got.  See ya!

          Hi all just back from a short vacation,  We were up near Bellaire Mi, stayed in awesome B and B, called the Grand Victorian, If you ever need a get away for you and your signifacant stay here. This is 6 miles from Central Lake , Ryan Shay's home town, great palce to run.

          Picked up my race packet for CRIM my #8424 does not put me Elite status.  It is going to be a warm one high near 90 expected, we should finish before that though.  Hopefully 6 miles in the last 6 weeks will do me some good......

          Run well all