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Half Marathon Schedule Help!! (Read 254 times)

    Hey folks! This is my first post on RA so I hope you can bear with me. I'm currently running about 15 miles a week. Usually 5 runs of 3 to 3.5 miles. Pace is usually around 11:00 to 12:00 min/miles. I'd like to run a Half Marathon in late May but I've been having trouble running more than two days in a row. Fatigue is the issue. I'm male 55 and could lose 20 pounds. Has anyone trained on a 3 runs a week or every other day schedule and had success? Is Hal Higdon or Galloway an alternative?ANY feedback is appreciated as I'm today feeling really tight from yesterday's run.

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      Welcome to RA Masters, MP. Posting in our daily thread is a sure way to increase your mileage. But in any case, maybe a half marathon in May is a bit too ambitious for your current distances. Why not aim for a 10K instead and leave the HM for later in the year? Take it from someone who tried to ramp up too quickly at your age: aiming too high can lead to discouragement or injuries. That said, there's nothing wrong with using Galloway's method to do your first HM. I used his technique for my first couple of marathons, when the goal was simply to finish within the allowable time limit. In order to finish with a good time, first you have to learn to finish the distance. I've also used Higdon's beginner program with good success, mainly concentrating on keeping up with the weekly "long run" objective. Good luck to you, whatever your decision.

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        hi MidPacker, welcome to RA! I use the Galloway method and it took me 6-7 months to build up to being able to my first half marathon. I agree with Rochrunner about doing a 10K first, then building up to the half marathon. Your body needs the time to adjust to the distance. I also do a lot more cross training on the non-run days (and I mean difficult level cross training, not just walking like Galloway suggests). If I do run two days in a row I alternate the running surfaces (like one day road, the next day dirt). Or I just run two days on the dirt.
          You can run a HM on every other day's mainly about weekly mileage and your long runs. I run with a 64 year old that does marathons on every other day training.... you can do it but be careful ramping up your mileage.... if you're getting fatigued on 15 miles a week, you may not make a May HM. If you aren't using a specific program, you want to end up with a few 10-12 long runs (min) and weekly mileage of 25 mpw for at least 4 or 5 weeks. If you're actually running every other day, look at a 2 week cycle of 50 miles for 2 weeks...... it might look something like this..... Su - 10 M- rest T - 5.5 W- rest Th- 6 F - rest Sa - 10 Su - rest M -5.5 T- rest W- 7 Th - rest F - 6 S - rest Remember build up slowly... this would be your final weeks mileage. I ran every other day in my mid 40's and really enjoyed the rest days...... it helped me to be able to run most of my training runs hard.
            Thanks guys. It seems that I should amend my goals and increase my distance. Can I assume that my paces will naturally get faster (A relative Term) as the weekly distances increase? I'm not physically fatigued in genral from running. It just seems tht my legs have a lot more life and don't feel tight if I don't run every day. Thanks and additional advice is welcome!

              Hi Midpacker, Your last comments made me wonder if you are stretching adequately after every run. If you don't stretch, you will feel fatigued. I also wonder if you are wearing the right shoes for you, and/or if they need to be replaced? Wearing the wrong kind of shoes, or shoes that are past their prime can also lead to leg fatigue and soreness. If you've got more than 200-300 miles on your shoes, check them over to see how they're wearing. Good luck! Jay

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                Hey coastwalker, In fact I do little stretching. Actually I'm thinking of taking a couple of yoga classes to see if that will force me to stretch or at least pay attention to what I should be doinG1 thanks!

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                  Welcome MidPacker, You haven't mentioned how long you have been running. I'm no expert but I do know that it's important to have a good running base before training for a half or full marathon program. The better your base - the easier it will be for you to run and build up your weekly mileage. Good luck with your training!

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                    Midpacker, I only run on alternate days, apart from when I make a mistake filling in my training log. I don't see you have a problem you are already running 15 miles a week and you have 4 months to go. Go for the experience and aim to run the whole way even if at a slow pace. To me with HM's pace is the key as a lot of people get carried away at the start go too fast and crash and burn later. As HM's are endurance races I'd consider running less days but longer distances as 3 miles does not contribute to endurance. You do need to do a weekly long run to get the feel of being on your feet for a long time but you have ages to build up to the race so you can increase the distance gradually. If it were my first half I would base my training on how I feel rather than someone elses plan. The time to worry about plans is when you have a couple of races under your belt and you want to improve your times. I think SLOjim is about right with his final weeks but I'd suggest one run of say 15 miles even if very slowly just so when you stand on the line you know you have gone further than 13.1 but thats just me. Also experiment with eating and drinking, shoes and clothing. Good luck, what and when is the race you are aiming for? One of my key HM's of the year is on the 11th May as I have some old scores to settle!

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                      Welcome Midpacker. Ditto on what the others have said about stretching and shoes.....Buy a new pair and get a fresh start. What everyone has said about upping your mileage is true also. I, too, have limited training days, and goal race (a big M) in May Now, I think you CAN run your HM in May, and should: just don't race the thing.....take it easy....consider it a victory lap and reward yourself for your discipline to train for the thing. Judging by your user name, you seem to be pretty honest about your abilities. Now..Post Race Stretching: this is my absolute favorite part of the run (usually 'cause the run is over) I stretch after my run, then usually after my shower. It's pretty necessary, and yoga is a great idea, as are massages. It's a pretty supportive bunch here (Im still pretty new).....please..ask questions SWALOT
                        Be careful if you decide to stretch post run. Your body is hot at that point and it is all too easy to turn an stretch into an injury. FWIW I never stretch after a run for this very reason. What evidence there is on stretching (and there does not appear to be very much) is that it makes very little difference when you do it. That is stretching the night before a run is just as good as right before or a few hours after or whatnot. So I do my stretching in the morning and/or evening independently of when and if I plan to run that day.

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