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Tuesday 3/26 (Read 46 times)

    What a nice surprise Holly! I'm glad your boss sees, appreciates and acknowledges your hard work.


    5 miles for me. now it's dinnertime - homemade lasagna (homemade pasta also) and homemade french bread. but no wine. can't believe I don't have any wine. Roll eyes


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      Hello everybody!


      That's really cool, Holly--I'm sure you deserve every penny of that bonus.


      This is a rest week for me, so I just did 6.4 in 48:40.


      When I got home, I grabbed a quick bite, then Eric and I went to a friend's wife's visitation.  She was only 64...I'm not really sure what she died of.  Bruce--her husband--is a great guy.  I used to write dramas (short skits, really) for our church and I always had Bruce be the big dumb guy...basically, because he's big...and dumb.  Just kidding...he's not that big.  Anyway...he always made everybody laugh...just because of his delivery...then I got all the credit...which I accepted, because I have to take it wherever I can get it.  But Bruce always liked Eric.  He likes to tell the story of the day Debbie and I drove to church separately, and we both left thinking the other one took Eric.  He said that Eric walked up to him and said, "Do you know my parents?"  He said that he did and, when Eric told him that we left him at church, he called me and said, "Hi, Mike--do  you know where Eric is?"  He laughs every time he tells that story.  Poor kid...and you all think I'm a good dad.


      But, anyway...I really appreciate everybody's support! See ya!

      Bushrat Runner

        Managed to get out for 3.5 miles in sunny Kansas City today. Heading to Buffalo, Wyoming tomorrow, weather permitting.

          Troy, are you flying? As in... playing pilot and not passenger?


          I didn't run the last couple of days. Sunday I wanted to run 7 but it just never happened. Got busy cleaning the house and then DH saw what time it was and we were late to get going for Jesus Christ Superstar. It was really good, and interesting that a lot of the actors saw it for the first time at the university years ago, when my GF's dad was director of the theatre department and put it on there. This version was done differently (a lot more high tech) but the music was the same and awesome. Jlynne, I have a recording of it somewhere but might need to download it anew.


          Anyway, I took Monday off too. Ankle swelled but not necessarily sore other than a general achiness. Today I went to the gym at lunch and did almost 30 minutes on the elliptical, walked a half mile and did weights. Ankle felt better than it had in days. So after work, I came home and ran 5.2 on the treadmill at 2% incline. Felt fine. So... thinking as long as I keep an eye on it, my ankle seems to do better with some activity. I have no idea what I did to it, so it's all pretty frustrating. But I'll take it easy from here and see how it does.


          Mike, those are the stories that family fun stuff is built on. But I agree with Slo that the telling point is he chose to call you. Good job, dad.


          Holly, very nice. But I still think he's taking advantage of you.