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Light at the End of the Tunnel & RAfamily party (Read 79 times)

    Mike E, if these guys would post this stuff on the Tunnel website, maybe it wouldn't sell out so fast. But I did like this comment from their website, "Flashlights are strongly recommended. Once you get about 50 yards into the tunnel, you can see a pinpoint of light ahead of you which is the "Light at the End of the Tunnel" over 2 miles away. If you see more than one point of light, you're probably looking at mountain bike headlights." So TWO points of light is a really bad thing as that means a mountain bike is approaching at high speed.

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        thanks a lot TRamps.
        I've done four of 'em and now I'm scared for the first time.

        At least Mike goes first.

        He can check for zombies too.

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          I'm thinking there could be a whole new marketing niche to compete with the standard "fun" runs out there.  Instead of "mud runs" or "paint runs" or "wear a kilt runs", there could be a "soil your pants" run with several miles in dark tunnels with scary people, bears, zombies, axe killers etc jumping out on the course as possible.  Perhaps a few cliff ledges to run on too.  Although we'd need a good waiver for that.


          Should I call the Rock and Roll people and try to sell them my ideas?

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            One good thing about obsessing over that tunnel--I haven't even thought about the 4 plane rides I have to go on...oh, crap...I'm going on 4 plane rides, next month!!!!!  That's 4 takeoffs and 4 landings!!!  So much for sleeping, tonight!

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              Tramps -  I love the picture!  And I'm glad Mike is going first through the tunnel...


              Mike - I'll be sitting next to you on two of the four plane rides, and I'll teach you something my DD does on plane rides that will make you smile and not be scared!  Smile


              My DH bought me a new very bright headlamp for an early birthday present, for the tunnel.  So I'm not scared.


              Looking forward to the party!   Oh yeah, and the 26.2 mile run!

              I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

                Let's talk carboloading!


                What about this place for a carboloading meet-up? The view of the sound should be spectacular from here.



                This is the address for the one in Seattle (2801 Elliott Ave  Seattle, WA 98121)


                Seattle runners, please share your ideas for other meet up places. I just thought of this one since it will give our out of state visitors a great view of the Puget Sound and an opportunity to visit the Space Needle, Pike Place Market and downtown Seattle.


                What do you think?

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                  Let's talk carboloading!

         do you think?

                  Oh Next door to my Condo!!


                  Mari,  I won't be able to make it, so my vote doesn't matter.  If I were going, that choice would be fine with me, but I am pretty sure Tet will never go there.


                  We have done a few RA and CR get togethers here


                  La Vita E Bella


                  It is just a few blocks away from the Spaghetti factory, and 2 blocks or so farther from the water.


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                    Mari,  I won't be able to make it, so my vote doesn't matter.  If I were going, that choice would be fine with me, but I am pretty sure Tet will never go there.

                    Unfortunately, circumstances have conspired to make me a no-show again.Sad

                    I don't know how/why, but Dave’s got it right about the OSF.
                    It's basically screaming kids and birthday parties.

                    La Vita was famed for the econo/darkhorse SM Boomer reunion in 2007 and there’s another nearby Italiano-Americano restaurant with a certain pink door and trapeze artist also remembered for econo and DS and, later on, good fairie fame.

                    Ben Beach - Boston Marathon no. 50 (2017): “I’m going to keep running it until I can’t do it anymore.”


                      Looks like Rachel (DW) and I are planning to arrive at our motel in Issaquah sometime Saturday afternoon the day before the race. Given that I will be all kinds of nervous and probably not have much of an appetite. I plan to eat a simple meal of something very bland (rice and milk comes to mind) and then stay off my feet for the rest of the evening, and try to get some rest, since I know I won't sleep a bit that night. So, pre-race gathering for dinner is probably not in the cards for me this time. Post-race gathering and dinner sounds like fun - depending on what kind of shape I'm in after the race! This being my first, I imagine I will be suffering just a bit from the distance. I have no suggestions on when and where,  since I'm not very familiar with the area. DW is a vegetarian, for what it's worth. 


                      Glad MikeE will be going through that tunnel first! I was going to bring my headlamp, but now I'm thinking a big hand-held flashlight - one of those metal ones with the sharp pointy bits at the top for self-defense






















                      - Cecil

                        I have used only a flash light the two times I have ran this marathon. there are plenty of people around you with lights that it is actually not THAT dark. At all. Remember it can be cold and damp in the tunnel. A throw away jacket is highly recommended.


                        Your pacing will also be off since it is dark and crowded in the tunnel, but once you leave the tunnel you will be greeted with the best views one can even ask for  in a marathon and you will gain all the seconds lost in no time.


                        Ohhh...Don't expect a cheer-leading crowd. The tress and flowers of the field will be your cheerleaders!


                        With so few people interested in a pre-dinner gathering I am thinking to not worry about the logistics for one. Each runner will be on their own.


                        We can have a post race party at the finish line. How does that sound?


                        I am planning to bring some bubbles, juices, post race munchies and a lot of fruits/cheeses, crackers.

                        I will also bring all the paper plates and napkins needed.


                        PFreese said that he may convince a relative to share his home-brew beer with us.


                        We can see how we are feeling post race for a dinner get-together somewhere. Is that OK with everyone?

                        "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

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                          Okay...just to clarify...divechief and tet will be at the marathon, right?


                          Also...should I get some gaiters?  I have a cheap headlamp that clips to my hat.  And I'll find a big stick to carry with me when I get there...IF I get there...did you know I have two airplanes I have to get on to get there?  That's two takeoffs and two landings!  That's two weeks from today!  That's a lot of twos...

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                            Mike - sorry to say but I’ll be going over to the land of sushi and Mt. Fuji next week and won’t get back until after LATEOTT.  Same thing happened for the Boomer Reunion at the inaugural R’n’R Marathon in 2009.  Rats.  I mean nezumi. However, there’s an extra entry in case divechief can sneak off and let the ferry run by itself  on Sunday.  I hope so.
                            GAITERS -

                            There’s lots of sharp, mechanically-crushed gravel “improvements” along the rails-to-trail route that your higher-than-normal turnover might kick into your shoe so do not hesitate to wear gaitors (unless they need constant adjustment or would otherwise slow you down).
                            You will probably be out in the front vanguard so maybe try to go to REI or somewhere and get at least a 200 lumen lamp.  Handheld is easy to point right where your going to be running, and check out running around a puddle or something without having to turn your head to the side. However, you probably have too much arm motion corresponding to your cadence to hold a light very steady so keep it on your headband. Try it out the night before to decide.


                            if you're anxious about flying, that’s a good idea to focus on gaiters, light, finish line festivities, etc. to take your mind off the flight.  You’ll do fine.  I especially like how you are thinking only about the two takeoffs and landings on the way out instead of thinking about four on the way back for a total of eight takeoff/landings all together.


                            Incidentally, cabin air is very, very dry so literally drink as much water, etc. as you can.  If so, an aisle seat is preferred. Until Carolyn joins you to help keep your mind off the fact that you are 36,000 feet up in the air (just think of it as 10K), read a book, running magazines or something else you want to do enough that you won’t think about anything else such as take-offs and landings, strange noises from the wheels retracting, engines when the pilots change gears, gliding to save fuel and all that stuff that used to be so funny when Bob Newhart would joke about them in those days. .

                            Ben Beach - Boston Marathon no. 50 (2017): “I’m going to keep running it until I can’t do it anymore.”

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                              Okay...just to clarify...divechief and tet will be at the marathon, right?


                              Also...should I get some gaiters? .


                              Mike:  So sorry,  looks like I have to work that weekend.  sadly I will not be able to make it.


                              As to gators,  You don't need them on this course.  besides whatever lives in that tunnel will have eaten all the gators.


                              seriously.  I don't think gaiters will matter on this trail. but if you ever want some for other trail running I would suggest Dirty Girl gaiters.


                              Or you can do what one of the leaders at Western States did yesterday.  At an aid station near the middle of the race he stopped and took the rocks out of his shoes.  The speculation was, that made him feel lighter for the second half.  Surprised


                              again, sorry I won't be there.



                                Hi all..  Been a long time since I posted on RA.  But, my body is finally accepting the fact that my mind wants to run and is making it do so.


                                Nancy, would love to be part of the get together where ever it might be at.


                                Tet, if Dave can not use the extra entry, I would be game for it.  Let me know.  Take care running those bi-weekly marathons in and around Tokyo, its getting hot and humid.  I'm hoping to get back over there to do a couple more, just no work for me in Yokosuka right now.

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