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Thursday's Daily, 11.15.12 (Read 354 times)

    No running today. Up during the night  to find that my new granddaughter,Vera Flynn, was born. To the hospital in  York Maine to see her and the proud parents, Kelly and Mike. photo to follow.


    Congratulations Marj and Henry! Love the name Vera - is that name somewhere in your family tree? Please post some pictures.


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      Beautiful pic on FB of the new henrun grandbaby and parents.  Spareribs

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        Congrats, Marj and Henry!!


        Ribs - Glad you got an all clear from the doc. Except for mistaking you for Lance Armstrong, it sounds like he's got it together. Wink


        I always wanted to play the piano, instead I ended up with organ lessons.  Don't ask . . . .


        Holly - The Hub keeps telling me I need to use some flight miles and do a destination race.  So many races, so little time!


        That being said, it was 6 miles this a.m. with 6 strides at the end and an hour of C/ST.


        I'm in a bit if a negative space today mentally.  Not sure why, but am trying to pull out of it.  This doesn't happen to me often, and it's mostly aimed at the folks I work with, which is ridiculous because (1) they're wonderful ladies and we're like family and (2) they haven't done anything, it's just me.  I'm looking forward to having next week off.  I haven't had an extended time off since our vacation in February.  I need to recharge.

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          lame, good job on the marathon and almost getting that sub 4 goal.  ribs, I'm glad to hear you're ok.  henrun, great news on the new granddaughter.  fatozzig enjoy next week off.  It sounds like you need it.  Nice hill speedwork, mari.


          This morning, it was in the mid 20s and almost calm.  I got in 5 miles at an 11:01 pace.


          A good day and good runs for all.




             Vera with zaydie (grandpa), son, mom and grandma.  




            bubby and vera and bubby, zaydie, vera and mike



              Sorry, I haven't read about anyone's activities today.  Hope everyone had as super a day as we did.  Vera was a name they liked - Flynn was Kelly's grandmothers maiden name.  I'm guessing that's getting more common as GD2 has her mother's last name as her middle name.


              Posai - thx for the picture posting info - meant I didn't have to think!


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                Welcome Vera Flynn! Precious pictures. Congratulations Marj and Henry and family!

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                    cute kid Henry,  congrats to all.


                    Mari,  I'm sure you will do great


                    4 easy for me after I woke up this afternoon.  off to work now,  at least it looks like I will be working out of downtown Seattle for the rest of my week. (short bicycle ride to work)

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                      Mazel tov Henry! Beautiful baby, congrats to all!

                        SmileSmile  marj,,,anytime!!!


                        I am glad that the picture posting info helped for all of us to enjoy the wonderful pictures you posted today!!!

                        What can I say about the baby???  but adorable!!!


                        Thanks for the good wishes on my presentation today. It actually went well, the rhythm came back, scratchy, but it did come back and folks were inspired, I was told... Exactly my quest!Clown. More opportunities to un-rust on Monday and Wednesday!Roll eyes.


                        After work I went to the gym for a 2 miles slow run and 50 minutes of weight with 6  gym friends whom I encouraged to start using the gym more often about a year ago. They have been frequent users since then... and now they can kick my wings off when core and weight workout is concerned!!Surprised

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                          Only 3 easy miles today...felt greta...will have more time for reading tomorrow...

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                            Congratulations Henry! And Vera was the name of mother of a childhood friend of mine, who was also a former Dean of the UAF School of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences, Vera Alexander. A great lady from bot a personal and professional point of view. Great name!


                            DH and I went to the gym today for a brief elliptical workout and then weights. Oy, my glutes will feel the effect of those squats tomorrow! After work I came home to run a 5.5 mile progressive pace run on the treadmill, then went back to pick up DH. I like getting in these two a day workouts, but it sure takes some planning when we're sharing a car!

                              Ok refresher course needed?


                              what's with the <> showing?


                              ETA: ha! I get it! The recent OS upgrade fixed the problem!


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                                Congratulations marj and Henry!  Beautiful Vera!

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