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Monday Feb. 4 Master-Boomers (Read 578 times)

    So many ups and downs on the forum... simply amazing runs from those who are able to run, and frustration and yet seemingly remarkable acceptance from those who can't. For those who can't run, everyone has something to learn from everyone, both in their success and their mistakes, so keep posting please, if nothing else for the great moral support you get from here. Congrats on all the great runs the past few days, and {{{{ to all who are sidelined }}}}.

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      Well said, btb! inspiring runs and disheartening injuries. MCsolar, if you run at my speed in the snow, would I run at your speed in Arizona? Hah! Not likely. Rest day for me today. I meant to take yesterday as a rest day, but DD wanted me to take her to the rec center so she could do C25K week 5 on the track, and how could I say no? So I ran a fast 3 miles barefoot (9:17 's after 1/2 mile warmup). Today was a good rest day anyway, as the weather was cold and snowy.

      I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

        Greta 6 mile run today, 10 minutes of rowing, then straight into yoga class. Briefs and other deadlines were done by 3:30. Not a bad Monday at all. Good suggestions all for my team name. I must be really not into the V-Day "spirit "because they all sound a bit too mushy for me. Still thinking. Team Incompatible is a possiblity.