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The Jogger

    Steve that was so sad but very nice for your mum to be at peace as she would have been in life with you as her son. Roy
      My mom was born in Jan. (the 18th) and died in Jan as well--I think she hung that year for Christmas, one of her favorites. I miss her, but having a lot of good memories has helped over time. She was a great mom, and even now When I struggle with a decision, I can hear her voice with sound advice. Wishing you peace and joy in your memories., you best be finding that prima donna cat a really fine home, or you'll be hearing your mom's voice loud and clear, I'm thinking! Best always, Amy
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        Prayers to you and your family Steve... I know she was a great mom, because she raised a couple of wonderful sons.
          awww Steve, I'm so sorry to read this. Sounds like she was surrounded by an immense amount of love not only as she passed, by her entire life as well.


            Steve, You've shown such kindness and devotion to your mom during this long and difficult journey. I admire you greatly for the way you honoured her and held her with love to the end. I am sad for your loss, but so inspired by how you helped her through it all and I am very glad you were able to be there with her as she passed. Take care of you and yours, with sympathy and admiration, Aija
            I am sorry that I haven't been reading here at RunningAhead and that I missed seeing this sooner. SteveP, Aija has put into words how I feel, too. I can't say it better but I want to say it again. Peace to you and your family.