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Jones Town & Country 10 mile race---Amherst, MA (Read 296 times)

    I can never figure out where people get the energy to run a race -- let alone place! -- and then go out and ADD miles! Amazing! Great race. Great report. It is always nice to find out you are heading towards a target race with your training going so well.

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      Zoom! I could feel the cold, the initial downhill, and all at a pace that leaves me breathless! Congrats! Once, in '01, I almost ran that race myself...was signed up but the day was awful, very very icy, and I lived on the other side of the river. Loved reading about your friends--they're lucky to have you as their "fan" but then, I bet they'd say some pretty great things about you. grins, A
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        Congrats on the race, and fun report to read. I, too, get quiet just before a race, but my running buddy becomes a chatterbox. It's a tough combination, but we have fun anyway. Looking forward to more of your reports, and here's hoping the warm weather hits you soon.

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