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    Erika - you will notice the Equinox shirt - I put it on after the race because it was still a bit chilly.


    ... and speaking of old race shirts, I was there (among many to support Ribs) when Slo got that Twin Cities Marathon shirt.

      Background Information:
      Hills, lots of hills. Can't really add anything else other than what is said on the website.



      Wooden medal
      Long sleeved monogrammed race shirt!
      Short sleeved cotton commemorative shirt!!
      Digital picture downloads (unlimited) from race photographer!!!
      Huge potluck post-race feed!
      The BEST volunteers in the world!!!!!!


      $80 for all the above!!!


      Ileneforward, Holly, Wildchild, OrangeMat, srlopez, & Slo-hand from the Masters group. Lotsa folks from the 2000 mile group.


      Pre-race: As this marathon is the weekend before Thanksgiving, travel is difficult. It had been a slow come-back on
      running this summer. In fact so slow that after I signed up in August and with travel issues, I changed my mind about
      going. When I saw that 4 boomer goddesses were "in" also, added incentive to train and attend was found. DW and I left
      Saturday morning for the drive to Nashville (11 hours). We arrived too late for packet pick-up or for any meet-ups. A
      good nights sleep followed by early arrival for packet pick-up before the marathon (the only marathon I've ever done that
      has race-day packet pick-up!). After picking up my bib and chip, I saw ilene in the parking lot. Visited with her for a
      bit before she made her way back to her DH and a warm car.Perfect weather for the race with about 40 degrees and no wind
      for the start. I went back to my car to warm-up and relax for a few minutes before making my way to the start. At the
      start area, I ran into wildchild, OM, HollyS and slo-hand. We visited until Trent (RD) started the group photo shots (RA
      members, marathon maniacs, streakers, etc.). Then a quick course review and the 300 or so runners were off.


      The run: This was my fourth "monkey", so even with age-related memory loss, I knew the course well. The course starts on
      a x-country course for ~ 0.3 miles before turning onto the paved park road for a figure 8 run in both directions on the
      park road. On the x-country part wildchild and slo moved way ahead. I could see Holly & OM ahead a bit, but held back for
      what was to come. The park was just a bit past peak fall color with many leaves having fallen on the road.The first
      couple of miles were through the Shell hill cut, the first hill on the course.So basically, it was uphill, downhill,
      repeat numerous times.I caught up with ileneOM and Holly on the first big downhill. Holly passed me on the next big uphill and
      I did not see her again until after the race. Ilene passed me going up the biggest hill on the course, never saw her again (I missed her at the post-race festivities, too) I saw OM again on the short out-&-back at the high point on the course. She
      eventually passed me just before not-a-hill hill at mile 23. Finish time: 4:58:53 (goal was <5 hours).


      Post-race: After finishing and cooling down, I reunited with the masters group and made my way to the beer corral for a
      post-race beer. We all pretty much stayed there visiting with each other and other runners until the awards and door
      prizes were given. After the awards it was back to the hotel for a quick shower then back on the road home.

      As previously, I had a blast running this marathon. Everything was perfect. The weather was ideal. The park was
      beautiful. The volunteers were the very best. It certainly was great to meet up with more of my imaginary running friends in
      real life. I'm sure we will see each other again at future races.




      mta: more editing and additions to come probably.after I get at least partway home from Thanksgiving day travels.

        ... and speaking of old race shirts, I was there (among many to support Ribs) when Slo got that Twin Cities Marathon shirt.


        Is that race shirt "old" already?


        Another good meet up.

          This has been fun to read.  The pictures are great.  It sounds like a wonderful time for all.



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            Awesome race!  What more can I add?  Well, okay, I might be able to add a couple of things...  Joking


            My stats:  finished in 4:26:50, a 10 minute marathon PR!  Who knew that the Monkey was a PR course? I think it was all the oxygen, and the small hills.  Smile   It also qualified me for a 2nd star in Marathon Maniacs, for completing 6 marathons in 6 months.  2nd of 8 in my AG (55-59), 30/102 women, and 142/285 overall, almost exactly mid-pack again!   This was the first marathon I've run on pavement, and honestly I was more worried about that than about the hills.  But I didn't feel any more sore afterward than I have at my other marathons.


            A HUGH thank you to Holly for providing chauffeur services!  She picked me and OM up at the airport on Saturday, drove us to packet pickup, the race, and around town, and dropped us off at the airport again on Monday.  And she was a fun roommate at the Microtel - the only downside is that we live two time zones apart, so she was ready for bed at 9 pm Nashville time, which was 10pm for her but only 8 pm for me...  


            I had already met both Holly and OM before, and it was greta to see them both again!  I also met a bunch of RA folks for the first time, including Slo, Pfriese, srlopez, Ileneforward, Trent, and Dopplebock, and a bunch of Swamp folks.  Awesome group of people, and every bit as nice as I've come to expect when I meet RA people in real life.


            The course is absolutely beautiful.  Here's a picture I took that gives you some idea:



            Here's a picture of me taken by the race photographer.  Wonderful that the race photos are free (well, not free, but they're included in the race entry cost!)  Notice that I'm wearing my lucky Moab Trail Marathon shirt!



            ETA:  one more of me on the course:



            Trent caught up with me at about mile 11, and the first thing I said to him was, "I hate you, Trent!"  (We had already passed numerous signs that said this.)   I added, "But I love your park!"    We ran together for several miles.  I tended to get ahead of him on the downhills and he'd catch up and pass me on the uphills.  Here's a picture I took of him at about mile 15.  Trent really knows how to  put on a race!



            The only other RA person I saw out on the course was srlopez, who passed me at about mile 1 - he said hi as he zoomed by.  But I chatted with several other runners along the way, including a local guy named Jonathan, who was running his first marathon!  He sat with our group at the beer tent after the race.


            The post-race food and beer and company were excellent, as Holly and Paul already described.  

            Here's a closing picture that sums it all up:


            I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

              It sounds like you had a great time!  So, did you eat all 40lbs of bagels?  Wink

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                This race report and picture show makes me both happy and sad.


                Next year. Monkey PR.


                I'm so glad more people get to experience the excellence in simplicity that Trent offers with his run.

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                Back on Stride

                  What a great-looking group of runners! I'm so glad that everything worked out (even with a limited credit card and dead phone) and that you all had such a good time before, during, and after the race.

                  Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI

                  MM #5615

                    I can't wait 'till I'm done with the 50 states so I can do the marathons I want to do.  This one is going on that list.  Great reports, everybody!

                    Jeff F

                    Free Beer

                      Love the reports.  Hope to be there next year.  Trent told me a week before the event that he would get me in, but other obligations kept me away.  I have already told my wife to plan on a trip to Nashville next November.

                      Hold the Mayo


                        Next year. Monkey PR.


                        Amen, brotha.

                          I had so much fun this year!  I ran it in 2008 for my very first take-a-plane-to-run-a-marathon & meet-up-with-RunningAhead-people event. Big grin  It was my 3rd marathon in 08, and this year the Monkey was my 20th marathon. 

                          I met so many people, and had a blast meeting back up with familiar faces.  

                          The race was perfect.  Weather was ideal, body felt good (mostly).  Wasn't looking to race any particular time other than beat 2008's time...which I did, PR'd the course by 35 minutes and the hills didn't seem so scary this time around.  Volunteers were awesome!  This year I joined in for packet stuffing fun, and that was a blast.  Had no idea of the work behind the madness till after that.


                          I would love to name who all I got to meet and hang out with, but I know I'll forget someone and then I'll feel bad!  I do know that I missed out on meeting a handful of RA'ers that I wanted to meet though!  Maybe next time.  Right mgerwn (ROAD TRIP!!!)?     Smile

                           Some pictures:  



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                            Oh, I just found myself in some of your pictures, Mississippi! Thanks for sharing them Smile

                            Marathon Maniac #957

                              Mississippi - I was trying to figure out which one was you - are you the lovely blond?

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                              Marathon Maniac #957

                                Had to add this one - I finally got to meet Ileneforward!  What a great gal, wish she lived closer because I would love to run with her more!


                                Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."