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    Mornin' everyone.


    "It seems you've had a great racing season, and congrats on the PRs and nice cash awards." Holly, I am most impressed with your running prowess and successes, however I had intended this particular comment to be for Karin. Sorry...  Good luck beating back that cold.


    Lamerunner, congrats on all your trail finds and runs - you've hit some beauties!


    "..tet is the only Runner I know who can Blame his Own Sunglasses.................quite Impressive" Quote of the day from yesterday's daily.


    Greta column about Turkey Trots yesterday, Ribs!


    Good luck with your tests on Wednesday, Dave. I hope you get some helpful answers.


    Tet, it was 2 halfs in 7 days that qualified me as a Fanatic - the 3rd was just a little treat for myself. As much as I'd like to hang with the goddesses, I'm afraid you are right and there is no danger of me turning to ultras.


    "I woke up this morning wanting to run hills." OM, you've developed a wonderful 'bring it on!' attitude toward your running - very inspiring!


    Much to my dismay, the gorgeous near-full moon I saw high in the sky on my way home last night had set by the time I headed out at 4:30 this morning. It was also quite overcast, but the moonlight would have shone through if only it stayed around long enough. It sets near an hour later each day, so in a few days I should be basking in moonlight on my morning tour. It was 24F this morning, and a l/s shirt and windbreaker, hat and mittens kept me in a good temp zone. I went 4.1 miles, starting at a post-race recovery pace, and pickin em up and puttin em down a little faster each mile. I was cruising by the time I got home, and it felt good. I saw two runners out this morning, one with a lamp on her jacket hem, and the other with a headlamp. I clearly see the value in lamps, and have a headlamp, but I rarely wear it. I prefer whatever light i get from the sky, house lights, and the few streetlights on my routes. My jacket is reflective enough, and there are few enough cars (4 today) out that early that there isn't all that much to worry about. But I sometimes wonder if I'm just being foolish...


    Have a happy Tuesday!  -  Jay

    Without ice cream there would be darkness and chaos.

      ...mornin' jay/// long as you don't get run-over, you aren't being foolish......



      on the other hand,

      am looking for a Squall Jacket that glows in the dark...




      but I digress..........


      40-min poolrun,


      have made peace

      with a couple of Pool Nazi's

      who used to hog 2-lanes

      while they did their 1-hour of what appeared to be  SPLASHING in the shallow end


      they double up when I get there,,,,,,,,,,,,,,aaaaahhhhh, Recognition///////


      rainy and 40's tomorrow,


      BIKE RIDING//////..........ohboyohboy


      more poolrunning



      .....................good running guys...................if you see a cyclist in a DayGlo SquallJacket,,,,,,,,,RUN FASTER

      ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

      Back on Stride

        Hi, Jay! Hi, TW!


        Well, I'm back online after a lot of drama getting my PC replaced and then installing and configuring everything on it. I swore that this time I'd install "only what I really need", but that turned out to be a very long list since I do software development for Windows and Android and maintain several websites. Lots of packages to install, find the registration codes, etc. Whew! I'm getting too old for this hassle!


        At least my fanaticism about backups meant that I didn't lose any data. I had local backups as well as a real-time backup to "the cloud" that paid off big-time.


        Anyway, I went out with a couple guys from the rec center this morning expecting an easy 5-mile run. I didn't know they were planning on running it mostly on the golf course. Now that's where I became a "runner" back in the CoolRunning Boomers days, but I hadn't been on it in over a year. Yes, the grass makes it easier on your knees, but the cushiness especially of the rough really saps the energy out of your stride, and on top of that it's very hilly. I ended up taking a cutoff and considering it a day with 3.5 miles. Hey, it's the first time out since Thursday -- gimme a break!


        I hope the rest of you are getting in some longer runs today.

        Doug, Runnin' in Rochester, MI


          Well done Jay. It was cold here too but no snow as predicted by the weather reporters. Amazing how they can be wrong so often and still be on t.v.


          TW - they saw your pirate avatar and recognized that fighting a water battle with a buccaneer is just not worth it. Enjoy the peace of the pool.


          I haven't posted much lately due to some "life" issues that have kept me from running as well as races. Short story - DW has been re-diagnosed with cancer. . No chemo this time (we hope) but path has to make the final call. She's tough as they come and will hit this thing right in the chops once again. Thoughts and prayers are welcome. 


          Last time is when I started running more seriously just for some stress relief. Looks like that will happen again but I've got it easy in comparison.  First run today an easy 2 miles prior to getting the kids ready for school.


          Give your loved one's a hug. Everyone will feel better for it.

          "He conquers who endures" - Persius
          "Every workout should have a purpose. Every purpose should link back to achieving a training objective." - Spaniel

            Lame—thanks for the info.  Sounds like it’d be worth a look next time up there.

            tomwhite: Pirate and Nazi fighter.

            Doug—backups are your friend.  Glad that worked out.

            C-R—that sucks.  Best to you both as you tackle this.


            Tempo Tuesday.  10.2 miles total with 5 tempo miles in the middle. Raw with a light rain and steady winds.  Brrrr.  I was glad to get back indoors to a hot shower.

              ((( Norm ))) I was so sorry to hear about your wife's cancer. Prayers and best wishes to you and your family as you move forward.


              I used to log onto this site just to post my miles. Now, I log on every day for my "TW fix." I can always count on a smile from my friend Tom Smile Glad you're getting along with your pool buddies (question - are they male or female??)


              Jay, I don't wear headlamps or flashing lights either. I have a bright green reflective jacket and always hug the curve when I see a car coming. DH hollers at me all of the time but as you said, there isn't much traffic at 4:30 in the morning!


              OM, you are something - you know that? "I woke up wanting to run hills." Some days I just want to wake up...


              Nice to see Karin back! Which colleges are your DS looking at?


              Feel better Holly.


              It was 12° when I headed out this morning at 4:30. I was definitely not dressed for the weather. I'm finding that as I age my circulation is getting worse and my hands were frozen by the time I finished the 1st mile, even wearing good running gloves. Cut it short at 5.5 miles and then came home and stood in a hot shower for 15 minutes. I'm still cold. But I refuse to run on a treadmill. This could be a problem come January.


              Ribs, your column cracked me up. And how true.


              Hope everyone survived Cyber Monday.

              King of PhotoShop

                C-R, I'm so sorry.


                Jlynne, you like tomwhite?  But he digresses.


                A big hat's off to Tet for noticing my small allusion to A. E. Housman.  That poem is one of the few I know by heart. CNY would have bagged it too.


                Jay, thanks for the comment re the Turkey Trot blog.  Now I've got the YMCA in a bit of a pickle as they feel they have to respond.  Odd, isn't it? I write a column more or less praising and supporting them for putting on an event that has less focus on racing, and more on families at Thanksgiving, and yet the backlash was from the racers who correctly maintain, "If you sell me a chip, you're in the racing business and you'd better organize it well."


                So now we have a bit of an argument, and of course that is just fine with the Dallas Morning News, who love the back-and-forth, and the page views.


                Chilly and overcast (which means mid-40's here), and 5 easy miles. Hills tomorrow. Spareribs


                  Good morning.

                  HOpe you don't mind me barging in. But you do seem like a cool group and I will try not to be annoying.

                  I tackled Bertha today, our local hill. She gave me grief. But I managed to run 5k on her which equals two of her. She is nasty. But I came out on top!


                  *it's Bertha or me. My money is on me.*

                    Norm...I am so sorry to read about your wifes cancer. Please keep us updated and my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


                    I am sick and tired of hearing more and more of my friends, relatives and aquaintances being diagnosed with cancer. I can only hope and pray that advancements continue to be made and someday cancer is wiped out.


                    Cancer Fucking Sucks.

                      C-R, I'm sorry the cancer is back. prayers and healing thoughts for you and your wife.


                      Jay, that's how I qualified for HF also - 2 HM's in 7 days (actually 6 days), and then I ran another one a few wks later, but just for fun, as I had already qualified.


                      Ribs, I read the blog also and liked your column on it. I guess there are always some hard core competitoris out there and have lost sight that sometimes it's okay to run just for the fun of it and the comraderie of being with other runners. Everything in life doesn't have to be competition.  


                        [[[[ cr ]]]]]].........You're in Our Prayers.......





                        some pretty impressive Bertha-Kicking going on.........

                        ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....

                          Norm - I'm so sorry to hear about your wife.  I will definitely be keeping you all in my prayers.




                          I used to log onto this site just to post my miles. Now, I log on every day for my "TW fix." I can always count on a smile from my friend Tom Smile  


                          Me, too!!


                          The temps you all are posting here makes me glad I live where I live.  Of course, I get to contend with tons of rain in the winter, so I guess it's all relative.  (We're suppose to get around 8" between tonight and Thursday.  I think I'm going to get wet during my run tomorrow.)


                          4 miles this a.m. with a little bit of hill work included, followed by an hour of upper body and core.  I did some core workouts I found at RunLikeAGirl.  Holy cow!  I can already feel that I'm gonna be sore.  If you go to the web site, click "Workouts" (not either of the pop up options) and check out the video at the bottom right.  It's a little over 8 min in length.  The moves are great, but the dog was cracking me up!


                          Shorty had gotten only a couple of blocks from the house this morning when a kid ran out in front of him.  He had to hit the brakes to keep from hitting the kid.  Our power washer, which was in the back of the truck, dumped over and broke the wand.  He came back to the house to call around to try and find a replacement.  I am very proud of him for not completely blowing up over the whole incident, which is what the old Shorty would have done.  . . . I definitely like the new Shorty. Smile


                          Okay - Gotta hit the keyboard work-wise.

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                            Good morning.

                            HOpe you don't mind me barging in. But you do seem like a cool group and I will try not to be annoying.

                            I tackled Bertha today, our local hill. She gave me grief. But I managed to run 5k on her which equals two of her. She is nasty. But I came out on top!

                             You are so funny!. I am glad you showed Bertha who is the boss!. How steep is Bertha? I too, have a nemesis hill that I enjoy conquering now and then. BTW, don't worry about over posting here. We all do it Wink.


                            Norm, sorry to hear about your sweetheart's second battle with cancer. Butterfly hugs to you both.


                            Jay, I tend to be over cautious about being visible. When running in the dark I always wear a headlamp and reflective vest.


                            So is Spareribs doing hills to keep up with the hills-loving RA girls!


                            No running for me yet, but will run a few miles, if I want to later. After being just lightly under the weather since last Saturday I decided to work from home today and to give my old body a rest and relaxation day.

                            It is amazing how much one can do when there is nobody around you to interrupt you!

                            "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard



                              on the other hand,

                              am looking for a Squall Jacket that glows in the dark...


                               When I was visiting the in-laws over Thanksgiving I went with everyone to the mall on black friday.  (A lifetime first for me.)  There was a store there called Raven Rock Workwear and they had a whole section of high visibility items.  I picked up a vest with 4 little front pockets.  I can't wait to try it out.  They had some very warm stuff too.  (


                              C-R: I agree with Slo_Hand.  I'm sorry you and your wife have to go through this again.


                              My medical procedure has been moved up to 6:30 tomorrow morning.  I sure hope everyone is awake enough to perform their jobs at that hour.  I am going to have an anxiety attack if the doctor or anesthesiologist are yawning.

                              Humanity runs on coffee.

                                ...GOOD WEBSITE DAVE//...........and GoodVibes to you tomorrow {{{{{{{{{{}}}}}}}}

                                ..nothing takes the place of persistence.....