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Is this where Everyone is? Monday 12/24 (Read 829 times)

    We are all looking like pale-faced ghouls at our house.
    Enke, we refer to that as a "moon tan" here in Alaska! We're all verrrry familiar with the look. I'm sure I'll be blinding folks in Carlsbad next month. 5.25 miles on the treadmill, followed by 25 minutes of superset weights and ab work. Did some planks and pushups on the stability ball... that was cool. How's this for some scroogey news? I got a message from Discover Card today, asking me to call them. So I pulled up my account online, and it was "locked." So I called them, to find someone was charging up to $2,500 on my card at a Bloomingdale's someplace with a 3.... zip code. So that's east of the Mississippi. Certainly wasn't me, we don't even have a Bloomie's in Alaska! So I confirmed the recent charges that were mine, and they said I wouldn't be responsible for the others, closed out my account and got my cell phone # for follow up from the fraud unit. Ohhhh, that so totally pissed me off... I've had that Discover card since 1986... I use it all the time. Had to get gas tonight after the gym and was stuck for a minute trying to figure out what to do! Grrrr! Hope they catch those crooks... They were at the store and presenting a card with my info. How could they do that? I'm so careful with my cards... Just really really really ticks me off. They better hope I never find them.... Be careful out there guys, nothing is secure.
      I'm still alive, just trundling along - wanted to stick my head in and greet everyone before Christmas.
      I just want to say, I went all the way to Seattle last month hoping Mustang Sally and Sans Souci would show up, but they didn't. Cry I put on a cheerful face but I left town with a broken heart. Dark Horse
      I'm a dark horse, running on a dark race course.
        lots of wind in Western NY.
        Craneium, Lots of snow, too, I bet. Where in western NY are you? Near Chautauqua? I went to high school in Pittsford, NY, outside Rochester. Dark Horse
        I'm a dark horse, running on a dark race course.
          Got the run in and lo! the snow-covered Olympics peered out from behind ocean-skimming cloud. What a treat for Christmas Eve. Our pace became a little more spunky after that. Most of the gifts are now open. Hopefully, Santa will dig up from the bottom of the sack the more expensive stuff on the lists. I'm actually trying to finish up a work project before we take off for wintery lands tomorrow. Roll eyes A very merry one to all of you. psst. Ribs. That's Vancouver Island. Though, there's a fine-toothed cutie in the Vancouver city burbs, too.
            Dark Horse I am in Rochester but spent the last couple of days down near Jamestown. Thruway from Angola to Hamburg was a mess.


              Ahhhh, I miss the Buffalo area! I worked in Lackawanna for a few yrs. Chris
                I lived for years on the Canadian side of Niagara and have some fond memories of Western New York. Trips along I-90 from Buffalo to Albany I know so well. The weather out there can certainly be tricky.