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3.11.13 It's a new day, Monday, daily. (Read 49 times)

    And I feel guilty coming in here feeling great today. Oh well, what are you going to do, indeed. Hang in there Dave. The promise of spring lives in the mud and yuck and all that. Which flower is it, the lotus, right? Out of the mud, it blooms, bringing with it a universe of potential. Soon, very soon.



    Same here OM!!  I am sorry for all those feeling pain and depressed - makes me sad, angry and all kinds of feelings that you have to deal with these roadblocks!  Heal well my friends, rant away and know that this too shall pass!!   AND  regardless of not wanting hugs -- here they are with kisses thrown in -- xoxoxoxoWink


    6.1 hilly,sunny miles with my friend Adrienne today!!  I love running with her - she has dealt with a lot in her life, including battling cancer at a young age and losing her right arm to it, now dealing with her daughter's second bout of cancer, and being currently unemployed  -- she however keeps the most positive attitude you could imagine!!  Cool


    Our septic tank was being destroyed today and we are connecting to town sewer - yeah!!  Increased bills, but no more worries about how many loads of laundry we do or how long everyone stays in the shower!!   It also motivated me to hit the gym, did a great upper body and ab workout after my run this morning and took a nice LONG HOT shower!!  Big grin


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      To heck with the Bride and the Moms who are all just naturally beautiful, and the Groom in his mid-20's handsomeness.  I'm gonna look kickass good in my Tux.  Wink



      Like Mariposai said, we need pictures!


      {{{those injured and in pain}}}


      Deez - there is not much better after a workout than a LONG HOT shower, I agree!


      No run for me today, just a light upper body and core workout, plus 11 creaky burpees on tired legs.

      Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."

        NO FEELING GUILTY PEOPLE! Feel guilty only if you've done something wrong (that's what my Super Granny says)---seems to me y'all with the good days and runs are doing something right and that will inspire us sidelined folks. I for one love reading about the good runs and races and workouts. Keep on going and please don't hesitate to share! Smile


          Ok, I am coming out of lurkdom too... great to see you Karin, and so sorry you are injured.   Hugs to you too TW!


          I have been doing a combination of things lately, some elliptical, swimming, spin bike, and working my way back to some running-- about three days each of the last couple of weeks, wearing my knee brace and doing much of it on the TM or on trails. I don't think I will be able to do marathons any more or to really race, but if I can run on some regular basis and jump in a half marathon once  in a while to be social, that will be better than not running at all.


          Snow conditions have been great for winter hiking too, so I have been getting out and doing lots of that on weekends, and returning to a small amount of skiing, half day here and there.


          My newish rheumatologist was somewhat more encouraging about the knee than the knee  doc; he thinks it is primarily a patello-femoral degeneration issue which may be somewhat manageable if I keep my quads strong and wear the brace.  he did not seem to think it was the type of degeneration which would lead to a new knee some day. I do think I have to keep the miles low. Maybe I will shop for a new bike...


          State ski champs for Ds this weekend. We spent lots of time on the side of the ski hill, where it was actually quite sunny and warm. he did not have the weekend he hoped for, especially in slalom, but he had a decent day yesterday. He kind of defeated himself mentally, something we have to keep working on with him. Ski racing is tough, and part of it is a mind game...


          Hello to everyone else too! I am way behind... sorry.

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            Nice to see Heme and Lame stop by, and glad you're both running some.  Post more often!
            Byll, hope you and your family have a great time together at the wedding this week!  
            Karin - 1,000 situps a week??!!  Does Mike E even do that many???
            Hugs to the injured.  We've all been there, and it's tough.  Jlynne is right, those of us who can run should be grateful and enjoy the gift!
            OM - nice comment from your DD!  Are you sure she's not sucking up to you because she wants something?  Wink


            I had a fun 6.3 mile trail run at lunchtime, 9:25 avg pace, through the snow and slush, and my feet got totally soaked.  50° and overcast in town.  Yesterday I ran 12 around the neighborhood - screw shoes required because it was on packed/plowed snow on the dirt roads. I took the dogs for the first 5 miles, and on my second lap without them, I was joined by a friendly doberman for about 3 miles.  He even stayed with me when 2 mule deer bounded across the road in front of us!


            I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.


              Hello all, wishing those in recovery a speedy return.


              Had a nice run today, the sun was out, no rain or snow, temperature was 50 degrees. Able to wear shorts and a T-Shirt and expose my pasty white legs to the elements, sorry neighbors.  A very good 4.7 mile run with my shadow, whom I haven't seen in awhile.



              Ron's PRs 5K 24:14 (12/07/2013); Half Marathon 1:53:33 (5/26/2013)


                Howdy from the upper NE. Had to run 7.1  mi on the TM this morning (dark and unknown territory just ain't my thing). But we did have some good meetings and it was very pretty in White River Junction. I recommend CJs on Main for some good pub grub.


                Denise gets rid of a septic system. I remember how great that was when I lived with my parents. Congrats.


                I say rant and rave away. If you can't say it among your imaginary internet running board friends then where can you. Hope everyone get to healing up and back out there. Spring and warmth is right around the corner.


                DS1 starts track tomorrow and DS2 finished 3rd in the county in his weight class in wrestling. Where do they get the energy? I need some of that.

                "He conquers who endures" - Persius
                "Every workout should have a purpose. Every purpose should link back to achieving a training objective." - Spaniel


                  Sorry you're hurting TW...5 easy miles today, starting to become quicker...a good sign of things to come...

                  Looking for a place to Happen, making stops along the way - The Hip

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                    Like a breath of fresh air, one of our employees that has winters off showed back up today and promptly got my not-so-motivated tail out the door for a run. Three easy miles, felt great. Hopefully I can start running a few times a week with somebody to haul me out there. It is funny how it goes, after being the guy that runs all winter in (almost) any weather for years, I really found it tough to want to this winter. Not feeling bad, not feeling anything, just undermotivated. But I like running, and today felt great.


                    Mariposai...there is at least some remote possibility I may swing through Omak in a few going to be around in case I end up there for a run?

                      Heme and Lame, how great to see you!!!

                      Deez4boys, so great to see your last LR going so well! Boston is just around the corner!!!

                      OrangeMat, I am so impressed with your weekly mileage! You are so ready for a huge PR!! Great compliment from your DD.


                      11 glorious miles tonight with sproinky legs... where did that come from?Surprised. This was one of those run that just happened and one can never reproduce at will. I just went out for a 3 miler, but ended up with 11. Longish LR done for the week, just before the bad weather and crazy work schedule begins!




                      Mariposai...there is at least some remote possibility I may swing through Omak in a few going to be around in case I end up there for a run?


                      You bet I will be here!  I am already starting to plan the many routes we can take, of course Kermel grade is just around the corner from us.Big grin


                      Any time for a Mariposai meal extravaganza while you are here? Let me know. This is what I served last night. Indian Cuisine with home made naan bread and homemade mango ice cream. They tell me I am a good cook, ya know.

                      "Champions are everywhereall you need is to train them properly..." ~Arthur Lydiard

                        Nice to see you, Heme! Welcome back and I hope you can get back to the trails soon.


                        Hi Lamerunner! Sorry to hear you think your marathon days might be behind you, but you've got the right attitude, and you do so many other things! I need to get back on my bike this summer. Good plan.


                        Dave, sorry but you haven't seen depressing "spring" till you've been to Fairbanks in March. While our daylight is increasing, we go from +40° to -20° in a shockingly short timeframe. And when things start melting, it's black snow, mud, puddles and potholes everywhere. And then it's dead grey dirty everything till we get some rain and some green stuff starts showing up in early May. But you know what? Every day gets us closer to real spring, and for us, summer is the next weekend. Can't wait! Glad you got out for a 6 miler and yes I'm sure it helped.


                        OM and Denise, don't feel guilty! Your attitude and enthusiasm are infectious, and will only help those feeling down.


                        Hi Rondog65! Welcome, and tell us more about yourself! And you haven't seen pasty white legs till you've seen an Alaskan in May!


                        A Rhoon phast homecoming and Mariposai feast would be a great RA get together!


                        I ran 12.1 miles yesterday, and it was certainly harder than it should have been. My good buddy La Tortuga (remember her??) said something about not being able to push off from the feet so over-working her quads. Hey, that sounds familiar... we have so much ice and slick hardpack here, that I can't really push off from the feet, I just slip back a bit with each step. So end up using my quads to "push" my stride. Hmm, might explain the quad fatigue and soreness I've been feeling from all my outdoor runs lately. But I got 45 miles last week, which is a new "high" week (sad, I know) and this week will be a cut back. Today was a 1.6 mile walk during the day, then elliptical, walking on the track, and upper body weights after work.


                        (Pork chops with mushroom sauce, brown rice/wild rice/barley mix, carmelized onions and carrots/peas mix for dinner... not exotic but very good!)

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                          Mariposai, I will keep you updated. I am buying an airplane in Wisconsin, and was going to come to Wenatchee to visit my youngest brother since it isn't too far out of the way (weather permitting...if the weather doesn't permit I'll end up just scooting up the east side of the Rockies), and since it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to hop up to Omak and spend a night with Greg and Lisa Grillo...I may do something just about like that...and of course I would need to go for a run. And obviously I would need to eat a Posai meal! And my son is going to be making this adventure trip with me...should be quite a blast. Hopefully a blast that includes Omak.


                          Erika, I saw your post about Daylight Savings Time a couple days always struck me as so ludicrous that we bother. We either have too much or not enough, but it isn't like shifting it around changes much. So silly. I'm always happy for the one little hour in the fall, but the spring torture doesn't seem like it is worth that fall hour in return.

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                            Can't help but point out that some of the greatest endurance runners are past Elim, and Aliy Zirkle (I always root for her, I love her name and her smile...) has launched herself up into 2nd less than an hour behind the leader...we'll see if she can pull it off this year.


                            And I'm talking about the Iditarod, in case anybody is confused...