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4.19.13 - Friday Daily (Read 68 times)

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    That's hilarious, Henry!  It is so great that all of you out there are safe!  What a day it must have been.

    mustang sally

    Bad faerie

      Henry.  Smile


      Swam 3100 brutal metres with Coach this morning.  She is moving out of town and although she'll be nearby and visiting from time to time, I am taking the brunt of her desperate efforts to Fix My Goddam Stroke For Once and For All before she leaves.  Monday, I asked her to point out someone in the pool doing what she wants me to do.  I like to see good examples, because I don't always translate spoken instructions into action well (that's my story and I'm sticking to it).


      "Nobody here is doing what I want you to do," she said.  This make me feel kind of OK, since it is clear that what she's asking for must be hard or Everybody would be doing it.  Later in the swim, I realized, to my delight, that [a local rock-star pro triathlete and all-around very nice guy] was in the lane next door.  "Hey," I said, hoping to extend this conversation long enough for the burning in my lats to stop,  "I bet that skinny guy in the black-and-white cap over there is doing it right."  She looked.


      "Nope.  I have a whole notebook full of trying to fix that one."  Well, then.  Smile


      Capped it with a very easy unmeasured 25' this evening.  Really feeling my return to running - I'm only out for four runs a week and they're short, but I creak around the house for longer than I'd like the morning after a run.

        Today was the first post-run day since I started the 5K plan (four weeks ago, after a couple of years of a little yoga and a lot of sloth) that I felt like I could maybe run again without hurting myself. Still, decided to rest today. Planning to run both days this weekend before Monday's travel day.


        Wishing healing and peaceful rest to everyone in the Boston area.



          oh my Henry - that's funny!


          I was so happy to hear of his capture and even moreso that he was still alive to face his consequences.


          I'm so pleased that even before our Boston Memorial run has taken place (this sunday), we've already recieved over $2000 in donations. Had a few generous donors and others from outside the area that have paypal'd donations in. This memorial run is becoming such much larger than I think we had envisioned when we started planning it just 4 days ago. it's now almost the size of what some of our local races are. Except for the racing aspect of it, it'll be organized as if it was a race, complete with manned volunteer stations at 3 points around the river, pre and post run beverages and foods. Even having memorial bibs to wear.


          Had deep tissue work done on my legs this afternoon. Best DT work I've ever had done I think. At times the intensity/pain was so much that my palms were sweating, but she really got into some tight muscles deeper than I've ever had and after a few hrs, I felt so much better. It'll be interesting to see how I feel on my long trail run on Sunday - if the legs still gets as tight and tired as they have been on long runs.  Last long run and then I am finally into the taper!


            Welcome WC


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              I was so happy to hear of his capture and even moreso that he was still alive to face his consequences.


              I agree.  I have to admit, though, to being a bit baffled by the intense, non-stop coverage of this whole event, from every possible angle, on every news channel and in social media.  The explosion in West, Texas on Wednesday night was much more devastating,obliterating part of the town, killing at least 14 people and injuring hundreds, and yet is barely getting any coverage nationally at all.  Is it because Boston was caused by terrorists instead of an accident?

              Life is a headlong rush into the unknown. We can hunker down and hope nothing hits us or we can stand tall, lean into the wind and say, "Bring it on, darlin', and don't be stingy with the jalapenos."


                Mustang Sally,

                Tramps pointed out your swim post to me, probably because he is getting sick of hearing me wail about my piss poor stroke. My A race this spring is the Ches Bay 4.4, and even though I'm swimming upwards of 22K+ meters a week, I'm not getting a damn bit faster. And that's after a big swim block last fall preparing for a 5 mile river swim, and driving an hour+ for a year to swim with a masters class.  Even with all the yards, about the best I can muster for anything 800+ is 1:55/100m. Sigh....