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Muggy Monday, 7.16.12 (Read 503 times)


    (((cny and super granny)))
    > Congrats to all the super marathons....
    1976 - henrun's first marathon - in Boston & Marj's kids were 2 & 4

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      (((super-granny))) . me too henry but a year later when I thought it was 24 miles and got quite a surprise when I got that far and found out there were two more miles to go. I still think 24 miles would've been just about right. Smile .

      Henry the Great: "I'm going to keep running as long as I can."  Me too, I hope.

      T. Igarashi (summiting Mt. Fuji at age 100): "Enjoy yourself. Your younger days never come again."


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        Hello everybody!  I'll make this quick--I have to be at work at 6:00 tomorrow morning, so I have to get to bed


        Karin--really sorry to hear about all of your stuff.  You're in my prayers.

         , too.


        Great running over the weekend everybody!  I sure hope The Light at the End of the Tunnel Marathon works for me, next year--you guys make it sound like so much fun....I suppose it is when you're all there.


        We did okay at our race on Saturday, too.  The big Golden Lake Gallop!  40 runners!  It's supposed to be 4 miles but everybody knows it's long.  My Garmin said 4.18--which is actually closer than I thought it was.  Anyway--Ryan took 1st--setting a new course record in 21:42--I was 4th in 25:22 (no age group stuff)--my DD was 3rd woman--not sure of her time--my grandaughter was 2nd girl and 3rd overall in the kids 1/2 mile and my 5 year old grandson was 4th for the boys...which was also last, but he likes his 4th place medal anyway.  


        Okay--that's it! I'm off to bed.  

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          Nice racing, Mike!  40 runners -  hmmm ... you have such a big family -- were they all relatives?  


          {{{Super Granny}}}


          Tet - I agree, 24 miles would be about right.  Congrats to you and the goddesses and Stevie Ray for a fun Tunnel marathon!  I really hope it works out that a group of us do it next year! 


          It was raining when I left work, but I changed into running clothes anyway and hoped the storms would pass and I could find a trail to run without fear of lightning.   I stopped at two different trailheads, but at the first one I saw lightning right when I parked, and at the second it was super windy.  But by the time I got up to my local (and favorite) Golden Gate Canyon State Park, it looked okay, so I went for an easy 4 miles.  I didn't' feel particularly tired after yesterday's 20 miler, but maybe because the 55 degrees and overcast. sky were so pleasant!

          I hammered down the trail, passing rocks and trees like they were standing still.

          The Goofinator

            Hugs and Prayers for Super Granny and CNY's family.


            Also for those suffering through this heat and drought.  It's horrible.  We've been bummed 'cause we haven't hardly seen the sun in over a week (not joking.  the weather's been totally carpy), but I'll take this any time over what so many of you are suffering through.

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              More hugs for (((super-granny))) and (((baby koi))).

              Bushrat Runner

                Had a couple days where running got overtaken by events, usually known as unscheduled needed work. But today I got new shoes in the mail and tried out my Mizuno Wave Ascend 7' them okay so far after a whopping 2 miles. They are so bright they probably draw attention away even from the tye-dye SPAM shirt. I always like having at least two sets of shoes to rotate, so now I'm feeling pretty good about the shoe situation. DS has a new bike, so he biked with me today on my run. Fun. Hopefully there will be lots more of that.