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    congrats on your great races fussyrunner and twocat!! cool post JJJ!! i went to a hosted long run with my running group this morning - many training for Boston - some did the whole 20 others did part then went off to run a 4mile race nearby!! i did 6 miles with a group then one of the other girls and i turned back to do a 12 mile run in 2:03 - was cold and windy today but the sun was shining and it felt great to be outside with wonderful people!!



      Late posting today. Ran a HM this morning in 1:53:21 with an average pace of 8:39. I was very pleased given this was a bit of a "test" and my first race since being injured. I had actually planned to run the race at 9 mpm and use it as a training run with a pace about 1 mpm faster than my easy runs and 35 sec slower than MP. I started out the first 4 miles at 8:56 and things felt okay, so I decided to change my strategy and do the next 4 miles 15 sec faster at 8:45 (actual 8:41). Again, I was still feeling good after 8 miles, so upped my pace by another 15 sec to 8:30 for the next 4 miles which is 5 sec faster than previous MP (actual 8:28). I pushed the last mile in about 8:00, my LT pace. Overall, a pretty good race and confidence builder. Not ready for a marathon, but still okay. I'll see how I feel tomorrow. It was important to get through this race feeling good. I now have to build mileage during March and get a few LRs in. My fear is that my mileage is being build fairly quickly - pre-injury (50+), then 12, 14, 19, 28 while injured, then last week 40 and this week 48. I would like to keep March at 50+ mpw, but not sure how much risk there is in doing this. But what is one to do if you have to get ready for Boston? Went to my DS #1's place for dinner. Had to show off my medal and shirt to my grand-daughters. They were wonderful as usual and glad to see grandpa and grandma. Found out that my daughter-in-law is expecting again. This will be #4. Life is good! PJ